Paid Time Off - PTO

Companies can enable tracking of Paid Time Off (PTO) hours and Sick Paid Time Off (SPTO) hours for their Employees. Once enabled, these hours will appear in the Employee's Time Off requests, within the Time Off report, and in select Payroll exports.

Enabling Paid Time Off (PTO) and Sick Paid Time Off (SPTO)
Viewing PTO and SPTO requests in the web app
Mobile View of PTO & SPTO
⚠️ This feature is only available on the Entrée plan and higher. 
⚠️ These settings can only be managed by Admins.

Enabling Paid Time Off (PTO) and Sick Paid Time Off (SPTO)

1. As an Admin, go to the 7shifts logoCompany Settings > Time Off.

2. Check the desired boxes and click on 'Save.'

Now, when the Employees in your account request Time Off, they will have the option to select PTO / SPTO. 

Skip ahead here to see the mobile view of PTO.
  •  If Employees need to request a span of time off that includes paid and unpaid, they will need to submit two separate requests. 
  • Paid Time Off and unpaid Time Off requests are subject to the notice parameters (found under Company Settings > Time Off) set by the account Admin. Sick Paid Time Off does not follow these parameters and does not have a minimum notice threshold.
  • Blocked Days will not be applied to Sick Paid Time Off requests.
  • The Time Off Report will reflect which type of Time Off was used.
  • The Labor Budget Tool does not factor in Paid Time Off. 
  • If the Paid Time Off (PTO) and Sick Paid Time Off (SPTO) settings are turned off while there are pending PTO / SPTO requests, those requests can still be approved, but cannot be edited unless changing to unpaid Time Off.

Viewing PTO and SPTO requests on the web app

1. When reviewing Time Off requests, you will see a summary of used Time Off Hours for each type of Time Off within the current calendar year.

2. Approved Paid Time Off and Sick Paid Time Off hours will appear within the Time Off Report and for select Payroll Partners.

⚠️ PTO and SPTO are only supported for select payroll exports and integrations at this time.

Click here to search and see if this feature is available with your payroll provider.

Mobile View of PTO & SPTO

1. While reviewing Time Off requests from employees on the mobile app, you can see if these requests are for PTO or SPTO.


2. You can see more details by tapping on the Employee's request 


3. As an Admin or Manager, you can also create a PTO or SPTO entry on their behalf by creating a new Time Off request and selecting the appropriate options.

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