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Accurate sales and labor data tracking is at your fingertips with the TouchBistro POS integration!

Adding the Integration
Mapping Employees
Punch Enforcement
Employee Sync
Actual Labor
Managing Staff Passcodes, Punch IDs, and Types
Actual Sales & Forecasting
Sync POS Time Clocking Data
Tip Pooling
Unlinking Toucbistro from 7shifts
⚠️ Access to certain features may require an upgrade from your current plan.

Adding the Integration

You can link your TouchBistro POS with 7shifts to provide accurate sales forecasting when building schedules. This allows for more accurate scheduling if you're wanting to stay on budget and within your labor target percentage. 7shifts will also show you what your actual sales are in real time.

To enable the TouchBistro integration, follow these steps:

Step 1: From TouchBistro, Get your Venue ID

1. Log in to your TouchBistro cloud portal with your account's username/password at

2. Navigate to the App Marketplace section on the far left menu.

3. Scroll through and under 7Shifts, click on Set Up.

4. Click the dropdown at the top left and select Enabled.

Your Venue ID will be displayed when you enable the feature.


Step 2: From 7shifts, Enable the integration

1. As an Admin, log into your 7shifts account and head to Apps & Integrations .

2. Search and select Touchbistro:

 3. In the dropdown select your Location, enter your Venue ID (from step 1), and click 'Connect.'

⚠️ You should start seeing sales data come in shortly. After you've activated the integration, it may take hours for the system to start bringing in your previous sales data. If they do not appear initially, please check back in a few hours.

4. Success! From here, you'll be able to view the integration within your 7shifts account by heading to Apps & Integrations > My Integrations > click on TouchBistro POS > Settings.

Important: Steps 3 & 4

⚠️ Continue through the following steps to enable the "Enforce Schedule" and "Enforce Role" features.  

⚠️ Please note that these features may require an upgrade from your existing plan.

Step 3: Get your 7shifts Location ID

1. Log into your 7shifts Account as an Admin

2. Head to Settings > Developer Tools > Resource IDs. Click here for more details!


3. Use the copy icon paperclip.png to copy and save your Location ID for later!


Step 4: Enable the Integration on Touchbistro

1. Log into your Touchbistro Cloud account as an admin or manager.

2. Click App Marketplace.

3. Under Staff Management, locate 7shifts > Setup.


4. Click Log in, and use your 7shifts login credentials.

5. Follow the prompts to authorize the integration, and enter your 7shifts Location ID.

6. (optional) From here, you can enable Enforce Schedule, Enforce Role, or both!

Here's how it works with both enabled: Staff will punch in on the TouchBistro POS. TouchBistro then sends the punch over to 7shifts to see if this Employee is scheduled to work and can punch in. If the Employee isn't scheduled to work in 7shifts, they will not be allowed to clock in. If they are scheduled work, they will be allowed to punch in.

7. Be sure to hit Save once you’re done!

8. From here, you'll be able to view the integration within your 7shifts account by heading to Apps & Integrations > My Integrations > click on TouchBistro POS > Settings:


9. You're done! From here, map your employees to ensure accurate reporting across your 7shifts Account. When your roles and employees are mapped, you can leverage 7shifts reporting and analytics tools to help you make informed decisions and track your business needs.

Mapping Employees

You'll need to review and map your Employees between TouchBistro and 7shifts to connect the Schedule Enforcement and Actual Labor features. This is how you will be able to match your Employees in 7shifts to their counterparts in your POS.

1. In the left navigation bar, head to Apps & Integrations:

2. From there, select Mapping > Employees.

7shifts will automatically map any Employees that already exist between your POS and 7shifts (if they are both spelled the same way). You'll find those under the 'Mapped' heading. 


For unmapped Employees, you can either match up, ignore, or create the Employee. 

  • Match: Simply find the corresponding employee on the list.
  • Ignore: You'll want to ignore if the employee will never need to clock in/out (i.e. salaried employees).
  • Create: This will add the employee to 7shifts, allowing you to start scheduling them.

If an incorrect match was made, you can always correct the mistake by unmatching them. The employee will now be listed under 'Unmapped' and you can assign them correctly from there. 

Moving forward, you can add your new employees to TouchBistro or 7shifts. New employees will be mapped automatically if a match is found.  

⚠️ TouchBistro users will show up on the Employee Mapping page  as long as they've clocked in and out at least once into TouchBistro.
Click here to learn more about Employee Mapping.


Punch Enforcement

To enable Punch Enforcement:

1. Head to Apps & Integrations > My Integrations > TouchBistro POS > Settings.

2. Click on the slider to turn on 'Schedule Enforcement' and click on the dropdown to select the grace period. 

This allows employees to clock in within that grace period based on their scheduled shift.

Example: If your employee is scheduled at 9:00 am and your grace period is 10 minutes, the employee can clock in as early as 8:50am.


Employee Sync

7shifts can automatically create a new employee when you add them to your POS. Streamline your employee onboarding process by eliminating the need to enter employee information twice. Employee Sync also helps ensure your employee records match in both systems, so your labor data is always up to date in 7shifts.

⚠️ To use Employee Sync, you will first need to:

1.  Have Actual Labor turned on in your integration settings.
2.   Map your existing Employees. This will ensure Employees you have chosen to ignore during mapping will not be created in 7shifts.
3. Match your POS Staff Types with your Roles in 7shifts. This will ensure Employees will be assigned the correct Roles in 7shifts when they are created.
⚠️ New TouchBistro users will be created in 7shifts, via Employee Sync,  as long as they have clocked in and out at least once into TouchBistro.
Click here for more information about Employee Sync and how to enable this function.

Actual Labor

We integrate with TouchBistro actual labor, this means your actual labor costs will be pulled into 7shifts. Once enabled, your actual labor costs will be displayed on the Dashboard allowing you to compare Sales vs. Labor.

To enable TouchBistro Actual Labor: 

1. Head over to Apps & Integrations > TouchBistro POS.

2. Click 'Settings' beside the Location(s) that you want to enable.

3. Click the slider button to enable 'Actual Labor.'


⚠️ You'll see the Actual Labor numbers update on the Dashboard on the day you enabled TouchBistro Actual Labor. Going forward, these numbers will be updated daily (every 5 minutes) from TouchBistro.

Managing Staff Passcodes, Punch IDs, and Types

1. In Touchbistro, select Admin > Admin Settings > Staff > List of Staff.

2. Ensure that the TouchBistro staff passcodes and 7shifts employee punch IDs are the same:

From TouchBistro, visit Admin > Admin Settings > Staff. 


Ensure the code corresponds with the punch ID in the employee's 7shifts profile.

From 7shifts, head to Team > click into a user profile > select Employment:



3. Visit each Staff Type in TouchBistro and ensure the corresponding Role name used in 7shifts are identical:


For example, if Staff Type and Role are both Waiters, enter Waiter in the 7shifts Integration Name field.

If you have multiple Staff Types in TouchBistro with slightly different rights but in 7shifts you have one catch-all role, enter the 7shifts Role in each of the Staff Type's 7shifts Integration Name field.

For example, on 7shifts you have a catch-all Waiter role. However, on TouchBistro you have a Waiter staff type and a Head Waiter staff type. The Head Waiter staff type has a few additional managerial rights set.

However, for 7shifts purposes, any staff member with the Head Waiter staff type is simply assigned the Waiter role. In TouchBistro, open the Waiter staff type and the Head Waiter staff type and set the 7shifts Integration Name field in both to Waiter.



Actual Sales & Forecasting

Once your integration has been activated, your real-time sales data will be enabled by default. We will backfill 90 days of previous sales, if available. 7shifts will also use those Actual Sales values to populate Projected Sales, allowing you to create schedules based on those projections. These will become more accurate over time as more data is available. Sales data from TouchBistro POS syncs to 7shifts every 5 minutes.

7shifts will begin pulling in your sales data into the Dashboard, Manager Log Book, Actuals Report, and the Labor Budget Tool.

⚠️ Sales Accuracy

To ensure accurate reporting and matching sales totals, 7shifts and TouchBistro POS must both:

  • be in the same timezone
  • have work day hours ranging from 5AM—5AM

Click here to learn more about the Dashboard.

Manager Log Book:

Click here to learn more about the Manager Log Book.

Actuals Report:

Click here to learn more about the Actuals Report.

Labor Budget Tool:

Click here to learn more about the Labor Budget Tool.

Projected Sales

Now when you go to build schedules for future weeks, 7shifts will automatically look at past historical sales and insert your sales projections for you. This allows for more accurate scheduling if you're wanting to stay on budget and within your labor targets.

Actual Sales

The Actual Sales will initially be empty for the current or future days until sales start rolling in. Once the sales numbers have been pulled into 7shifts, they will be shown appropriately under those specific days.

Sync POS Time Clocking Data

If you have a POS integration that includes labor, you have the option to view your employee's time clocking entries from the POS within 7shifts. In addition, you are able to export this time clocking data to any of our payroll integrations

Click here for more information on enabling this function.
⚠️ Please note, if you are using this feature:

  • Breaks (paid or unpaid) will not be imported from TouchBistro.
  • When an Employee doesn’t have a scheduled shift within 7shifts, the TouchBistro punch for that day will appear without a Role, under Time Clocking in 7shifts. 

(Punch with Role)

(Punch with no Role)


Tip Pooling


Unlinking Touchbistro from 7shifts

If you need to unlink TouchBistro from 7shifts, either temporarily or because you want to change the linked 7shifts account:

1. Click Unlink 7Shifts Account from within Touchbistro:

Click Unlink Accounts to confirm these changes:

3. You will be prompted to log in again with the new account email/password.


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