Employee Sync

Streamline your employee onboarding process with Employee sync by eliminating the need to enter employee information twice.

7shifts can automatically create a new employee when you add them to your POS.  Employee sync will also sync the information as it's edited on your POS to keep your records updated within 7shifts.

Enabling the Employee Sync setting
What information updates with Employee sync
Where new Employee profiles and profile updates appear in 7shifts
⚠️ This feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.
⚠️ Accounts will require a POS integration which includes Actual Labor data. This is offered with the following POS systems:
Aloha POS - Omnivore
Brink POS
Mad Mobile (CAKE) POS
Clover POS
Future POS
Harbortouch POS
Heartland Restaurant POS
Lightspeed POS
Micros 3700 POS - Omnivore
POSitouch POS - Omnivore
POSitouch POS - Shift4
Restaurant Manager POS
Revel POS
Square POS
Squirrel POS
Toast POS
TouchBistro POS
Upserve POS

Enabling the Employee Sync setting

⚠️ To use Employee Sync, you will first need to:

1. Have Actual Labor turned on in your integration settings. Find the steps for your POS here.

2. Map your existing Employees. This will ensure Employees you have chosen to ignore during mapping will not be created or updated in 7shifts.

3. Map your existing Roles. This will ensure that Employees will be assigned the correct Roles in 7shifts when they are created. (The following POS integrations will be exempt from Role mapping: Lightspeed, Squirrel, and TouchBistro).

❗️ Mapping your Employees and Roles is essential to complete before enabling this tool to ensure that employees are created under the correct Locations, Departments, and Roles in 7shifts.

If any Roles are still unmapped prior to turning on Employee sync, 7shifts will be unable to automatically create a profile for the users that are associated with the unmapped roles on your POS.

After you’ve completed the above prerequisites, follow these steps:

1. As an Admin, head over to Apps & Integrations > My Integrations and click on your POS.

2. Click on the 'Settings' button beside the Location(s) that you want to enable.

3. Under the 'Employee Data' tab, click on the slider button to enable 'Employee Sync' for this Location.

That's it!

What information updates with Employee sync 

After Employee Sync is enabled, 7shifts will:

1. Create new Employees - 7shifts will detect any new employees on your POS that do not match any existing records in your 7shifts account. We will then automatically create this user as an employee in 7shifts and send them an invite email.

 ⚠️ An email address is not required for an employee to be brought over from Employee Sync.

However, if Schedule Enforcement is enabled, an employee profile will not be created if they do not have an email address.

2. Sync Inactive Status - Mapped users flagged as inactive or deleted on your POS, will be marked as 'inactive' within 7shifts.

Please note:

⚠️ For Sync Inactive Status, their profile will NOT be deleted within 7shifts. Instead, it will be set as inactive.

⚠️ For Sync Inactive Status, Admin users who are deactivated on the POS will not be deactivated in 7shifts. If you would like to deactivate them, please do so on both platforms.

3. Sync Job/Role edits - If a mapped user had changes made to their job code/role assignments on your POS, the same job code/role updates will be applied to their user profile within 7shifts.

Please note, with Sync Job/Role edits:

⚠️ If a user has a Role in the POS that they're not assigned to within 7shifts, 7shifts will assign that Role to them through employee sync.

However, if a user has a Role unassigned in the POS which was previously synced to 7shifts, employee sync won't remove that unassigned Role. Instead, it will reassign that Role the next time employee sync runs. This will lead to a mismatch in Role assignments between 7shifts and the POS , which will need to be manually addressed by the person managing the integration.

⚠️ Only changes where a user is assigned to additional roles/job codes will be reflected in 7shifts. If the user was simply removed from a role/job code on your POS, this change would NOT be reflected in 7shifts.

⚠️ Based on the Role's mapping, a Location or Department change in 7shifts may also occur.

4. Sync Employee Profile edits - If a mapped user had changes made to their user profile on your POS. If so, we will apply these updates to their user profile within 7shifts. These may be details such as their name, phone number, or punch ID. (See below which details will sync for your POS.)

7shifts will sync the following fields when creating or updating an Employee profile, depending on your POS:

Screen_Shot_2022-06-14_at_1.36.38_PM.png Available     Screen_Shot_2022-06-14_at_1.36.26_PM.png Not supported currently

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 10.22.28 AM.png

A few more things to note when using Employee Sync:

⚠️ Employee Sync will resync every 60 minutes.

However, POS systems may take longer to publish information to the cloud/API, so please check back in a few hours if the data is not in 7shifts within the expected time. If you still do not see data changes reflected after 24 hours, please contact our Support team by clicking on the blue icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
⚠️ Wages will sync only with supported POS systems when the 'Wage Sync' setting is enabled. Wage sync is a separate setting from Employee Sync.

Click here to find your POS and see if the integration offers Wage Sync.
❗️Emails will only sync when creating a user from your POS that's new to 7shifts. Any email changes made on your POS for existing 7shifts users will NOT sync as this would affect their ability to login to 7shifts.

Emails are unable to sync for some POS systems. So the Employee profiles created through employee sync will not have an email and will be unable to automatically receive an invitation to 7shifts, if using the following POS systems:
Aloha POS - Omnivore
Micros 3700 POS - Omnivore
POSitouch POS - Omnivore
Squirrel POS

Where new Employee profiles and profile updates appear in 7shifts

New Profiles:

Any recently added Employees will be tagged as 'NEW' on your Employee page so you can adjust their settings or user permissions once they have been created in 7shifts.

You can update their user profile in 7shifts anytime by heading to Team and clicking on their name.

Click here to learn more about editing an Employee's profile in 7shifts.
Existing Profile Updates:

If changes are made to an existing 7shifts profile using employee sync, you will be able to see the time and the name of the system this information was last updated.

To see this, head to Team and click on their name. The details can be found in the top right corner of the employee's profile.

You can hover your mouse over it to see more information.


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