Getting Started : Tip Pooling !

Save up to 8 hours per week managing your tip pool with custom contribution and distribution rules, automatic calculations, comprehensive reports, and payroll export options.


Please note

⚠️ This feature is offered as a paid add-on. Please see our Pricing Page.

⚠️ Tip Pooling is also available to those only using tip data through 7punches. However, only employees' Declared Tips will be included in the Tip Pool's calculations.

System requirements

⚠️ Tip Pooling 'Settings' are only accessible on the web app.

⚠️ Tip Pooling 'Reporting' is only accessible on the web app, or on an iPad.

Enabling Tip Pooling in your Account
Setting up your Tip Pool with a POS:
Setting up your Tip Pool by Manual Contribution
Managing / Editing multiple Tip Pools

Enabling Tip Pooling in your Account

  1. Head over to the 7shifts logo > Add-ons.


  2. Select the Tip Pooling:

  3. Admins/Managers/Assistant Managers can click Enable Tip Pooling to start a free trial and try out the feature. Only Admins will be able to proceed with purchasing the Tip Pooling add-on at the end of the trial.


  4. Next, select the Go To Tip Pooling button to get started right away.

    Going forward, this tool will also be available on the Tip Pooling tab:

Setting Up your Tip Pools

To collect your tip data, there are two contribution methods for you to choose from:


(1) POS Integration Contribution:

Companies using Toast, TouchBistro, or Square POS  can automatically collect and divide tips/gratuities among employees. Follow the links below to begin setting up your Tip Pool:

Toast Revel
Touchbistro Square



(2) Manual Contribution:

If you do not use a supported POS or want to use tip data from a specific source, you can use this method to enter your daily tip data into 7shifts for redistribution among your employees. Follow the link below to begin setting up your Tip Pool by:

Manual Contribution




Managing / Editing multiple Tip Pools 

  1. As an Admin, you can always access your Tip Pool dashboard by heading to the Tip Pooling tab:


    You can also sort your list of Tip Pools by name or Location.


  2. Click on the manage icon Screen_Shot_2022-12-01_at_5.26.25_PM.png to edit, delete, or view the details for an existing Tip Pool. 

  3. Simply click on + Create Pool to create an additional Tip Pool.


    ⚠️ You can set up multiple Tip Pools under the same Location.
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