Messaging & Announcements for Admins & Managers (Web)

Being able to communicate quickly and effectively with your workforce is critical. At 7shifts, we've centralized communication to help you keep everyone on the same page, no matter where they are. All of these tools are available on web and the mobile app.

Here are the tools you have at your disposal to send messages to your workforce:
Read Receipts for Announcements
Deleting an Announcement
Roster Talk
SMS / Push / Email notifications
"Message your manager on duty"
⚠️ We also offer the Manager Log Book, which is a secure communication tool that can only be accessed by Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers. Learn more here.


This is where you can start a 1-on-1 chat with someone, or a group chat. To access Messaging, click on the chat bubble at the top right.   

You'll notice you have three tabs:
1.  Recents: shows you all recent conversations.

2.  Groups: each Location, Department, and Role in your account has its own Messaging group. For example, if you only want to communicate something to your Servers, you can post it under the Server group. You can include attachments and staff can post their own messages or reply to others.

⚠️ Use Roster Talk if you want to group message your team that is scheduled for today, tomorrow, or a specific day. Click here to go to Roster Talk.
3. People: this allows you to send a message to one person directly.  

If you want to start a group chat with several people, click on the 'new message' icon at the top right.


Effectively convey your message by starting a conversation and choosing from a range of actions:

How to send a message
Begin typing your message in the textbox, and click the paper plane icon Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_10.23.26_AM.png to send it.Screenshot_2023-05-12_at_3.26.52_PM.png

Pro Tip! As you write your message, you can enter a new line by pressing Shift + Return (Mac), or Shift + Enter (Windows) on your keyboard.
How to send an emoji, GIF, or an attachment

At the bottom of your message box, you will see three icons:Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_9.43.28_AM.png

To send an emoji or a GIF, click on the Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_10.03.10_AM.pngor  Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_10.03.19_AM.png, and use the search bar to type in a keyword related to the emoji/GIF you would like to send:


To attach a file, click on the paperclip icon and attach multiple files (up to 100mb):


How to send Reactions
To add a reaction, hover over a message, click on the 'Add reaction' icon, and select an icon from the preset menu. 

If someone has added a reaction, you can tap on it to add the same one yourself.

You're able to view all the users who reacted to a message by hovering over a message and clicking on See All:

To remove your reaction
, click on the reaction again, and it will disappear from the message.

How to comment in a Thread
Comment on a message to start a thread: 

Hover over the message > click on the Threads icon Screenshot_2023-02-08_at_10.33.50_AM.png > begin typing your response > and click the paper plane icon  Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_10.23.26_AM.png to send it:

To continue a thread, click on 'x' comments: 

From within a thread, you can react Screenshot_2023-03-03_at_9.22.35_AM.png, delete Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_10.49.04_AM.png, or add another comment Screenshot_2023-03-03_at_9.22.58_AM.png:


  • As you write your message, you can enter a new line by pressing Shift + Return (Mac), or Shift + Enter (Windows) on your keyboard.
  • Depending on the user's notification settings, all participants within a thread will receive an email or SMS notification once a comment has been added.
How to Delete a message
Messages that are deleted will be replaced with: "This message was deleted."


To delete a message,
hover over a message, click on the More Options icon
Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_10.49.04_AM.png, select 'Delete', and click on 'Delete' again to confirm this change:Untitled__Video_.gif

⚠️It is only possible to delete a message from a user-level type below you (i.e: an Admin can delete the message of a Manager, not vice versa).

How to Archive a chat

When you archive a chat, it will remove it from your view. 

Open the chat > click on the More options icon Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_10.49.04_AM.png > select Archive Chat.


If you wish to unarchive a chat, you can start a chat with the same users to retrieve the same conversation.


1. To send a one-way message blast to your workforce where you aren't wanting to start a conversation, you will want to use Announcements, which is the megaphone icon right beside the Messaging icon. 

2. Click the 'green pencil' icon, to begin writing a new Announcement.

⚠️ Only Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers will be able to compose and send Announcements. Employees will have read access only.

3. From here, you'll be able to select who you want to send the Announcement to. Search or scroll down to select which Locations, Departments, and Roles the Announcement will be for, then click on 'Go.'        

⚠️ Use Roster Talk if you want to send the Announcement to your team that is scheduled for today, tomorrow, or a specific day. Click here to go to Roster Talk. 

4. Enter your desired message. 

Pro Tip! As you write your announcement, you can enter a new line by pressing Shift + Return (Mac), or Shift + Enter (Windows) on your keyboard.

To include additional files/attachments, drag and drop the file into the text box or click on the 'paperclip' icon. You can upload up to 3 attachments on the web app, and 1 attachment on the mobile app. File types can vary from photos, doc, pdf, mp3, mp4, wav, mov.

Depending on the file size, you may momentarily see a progress bar as your attachments upload.

 ⚠️ Please Note:
  • The maximum size for attachments is 500 MB/per file and for announcements only.
  • Currently, exe and dmg file types are not supported.
  • Uploading attachments from the mobile app is not available at this time.
❗️If you exit out of the Announcement draft screen, the post will be lost including any files that were still uploading.

 You can remove any attachments before you post by hovering over the file and clicking the 'trash can' icon.

When you're ready, click the 'green paper plane' icon to send.

6. Once you click submit, your announcement is immediately delivered. You and your employees can now reference past announcements on the web and mobile app. 

⚠️ Employees will be notified via email or SMS/push notification, based on the notification settings they've specified in their account.
You can also reference past announcements and who they were delivered to by going to the Activity Log (hover over your profile picture > Activity Log).
The Activity Log page will give you a breakdown of key activities taking place within your 7shifts company account.  

Read Receipts 

⚠️ Read Receipts is available on the Entrée plan and higher.

When an Announcement is sent, you can see how many of the recipients have viewed it in the bottom right corner.

1. Hover over this number to see who has most recently viewed the Announcement.

2. Click on this number to see the names of who has viewed the Announcement, and the date of viewing.

3. Click on the 'Unread' tab to see the names of those who have not yet viewed. Click on the chat icon next to a name to send a message as a reminder to one employee, or re-send the notification to all employees in the 'Unread' list using the button at the bottom.

Deleting an Announcement

You can delete an announcement from the web app by completing the following:     

1. Select the announcement then click on the three dots in the top right corner.

2. Click 'Delete.'

⚠️ Once an announcement notification is sent via email, it is not able to be deleted / retracted. However, you can delete the announcement from appearing in the app. 

Roster Talk

Roster Talk is available for both Messaging and Announcement features. You can now create group messages and announcements for all employees working a specific day. 

1. Click on the 'Compose' icon to get started.

2. You can specify by Location, Department, and Role. You can then choose which timeframe to target. 

The 'More' tab contains these schedule choices.

 ⚠️ Tips for Roster Talk:
  • 'Today' is considered a shift that falls within any Hours of Operation for the Location. Click Here for info on how to set or change your Hours of Operation.
  • Only employees with published shifts will be included in the chat / announcement; unpublished shifts will not be recognized in the Roster Talk targets.
  • If an Admin is set to 'Appear as employee' in their account, and is NOT scheduled, they will be included in any 'Not Scheduled' Roster Talk chats / announcements.

SMS / Push / Email notifications

By default, your employees are informed about changes in 7shifts that affect them via SMS/push notification and email:

  • Messages and Announcements
  • When you publish / re-publish a schedule
  • When you approve or decline a Time Off request
  • When you approve or deny an Availability request
  • When you approve or decline a shift change, both employees who requested the change will be notified
  • If an employee is trying to give away their shift, other employees who are qualified to work that shift will be notified
⚠️ SMS notifications are only available on the Entrée plan and higher.


"Message your manager on duty"

⚠️ Please ensure your Locations/Departments/Roles, and user assignments are in good standing to ensure your Employees can start a chat with their designated Manager

When your Employees log into the mobile app, they will see the option to "Message your Manager on Duty": 

By clicking this button, 7shifts will search for an available user and continue to the next step until one condition is met:

  • Look for Assistant Managers scheduled to work in the same Role as employee
  • Look for Managers scheduled to work in the same Role as employee
  • Look for Assistant Managers scheduled to work in the same Department as employee
  • Look for Managers scheduled to work in the same Department as employee
  • Look for Assistant Managers scheduled to work in the same Location as employee
  • Look for Managers scheduled to work in the same Location as employee
  • Look for Admins of the company and start a chat with them if no previous criteria was met


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