Creating & Publishing a Schedule in 7shifts (Web)

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Scheduling your team has never been easier, faster, or more efficient. Learn more about these essential tools to help you get started with creating effective schedules.


⚠️ Managers and Assistant Managers may need to have either their Manager Permissions updated or their Locations, Departments, and Roles assignments updated to manage their team's Schedules.

Schedule Layouts/Views

To access the schedule on the web app, click on the Schedules tab from the navigation bar:

(click on the image to expand it!)

1. There are three layouts you can choose from when building your schedule:

2. The Layouts menu icon is on the right-hand side of the Schedule page.

⚠️ When changing the Schedule Layout view, this will also change the Layout for all Admins as well as any Managers and Assistant Managers with the permission to edit Schedules.

3. Sort Employees on the schedule either alphabetically by first name or last name, and the custom sort option. Sorting is only available for the List, and List by role layouts.

With custom sorting, you have the flexibility to drag and drop employees according to your preferences in Week view. If you choose a custom order, and then switch to alphabetical sorting, your last custom order will be retained when you switch back to custom sorting

The changes made in sorting will be saved for all scheduling Managers across the Account and will be maintained while printing the schedule.

4. From there you can add a single shift in any view. Simply click on the shift space within the time frame or day of the week you'd like to schedule the employee:


5. As you fill out the shift's details, you'll have the opportunity to leave a quick memo (within a 250 character limit) about this shift by using the 'Shift notes' section. Click here to learn more about Shift Notes!

⚠️ Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.

⚠️ Shift notes are visible to Employees, Managers (who are assigned to the Department, with scheduling permissions), and Admins.

Until you are ready to publish the Schedule, the changes you make will be auto-saved as a draft.

All shifts in draft mode will appear in a light yellow color, and these shifts are NOT visible to Employees until they are published.

Schedule Page Tips

1. If you want to give someone access to a Schedule, but not have their name appear on it, Click here to learn about hiding someone from the Schedule.

⚠️ To grant Managers and Assistant Managers access to edit the Schedule, you may need to update their Manager Permissions.

2. The Labor Budget Tool displays the labor costs allotted when creating the schedule. Daily labor targets appear in red or green: red indicates labor costs are higher than the target, while green indicates they are equal to or below the target.

Click here for more information on the Labor Budget tool.

3. To maximize schedule space and view the information best suited for you, you can show or hide certain information/tools on the Schedule, including Employee Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, and the Labor Budget Tool. Click on the 'Layout' icon Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 2.35.12 PM.pngto customize the visibility of the information most important to you.

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4. Click on the 'Today' button to easily navigate to today's schedule.

5. You can 'copy and paste' shifts by holding down on the 'shift key' on your keyboard to quickly drag and drop duplicate shifts.

6. Shifts that are faded/greyed-out will indicate when an employee is scheduled elsewhere, such as under another Department or Location. These shifts can only be edited if you are viewing the same Department and Location they were created under.

7. As you build your schedule, click on the date to go to the Day View layout.

8. The total daily Employee count shown beside the Weather Forecast is the total number of shifts booked for the day. If an Employee is booked for two shifts on the same day, they will be counted as two Employees in the total count. 

Hover over the shift count to see a breakdown of the number of shifts by Role.

⚠️ The shift count does not include Open Shifts.

9. You can quickly copy/paste an entire weekly Schedule, or manage your Templates by clicking on the 'copy' icon on the far right. Learn more about copying Schedules or managing Schedule Templates.

10. You can find other handy options by clicking on the 'Tool' icon, found on the far right.

❗️Exercise caution before using the 'Clear ' function. The 'Revert' tool can only bring back the previously published version of that Schedule. Some shifts, if they were still in edit/draft mode, may be lost.

11. Employees under the age of 16 or 18 will now have an indicator next to their name, allowing Scheduling Managers to easily identify if the employee they're scheduling is underage - and helps to ensure you stay labor compliant!

The age of the employees is calculated on the day they are being scheduled and is calculated based on their date of birth entered within their employee profile.

⚠️ Managers and Assistant Managers, with the permission ', Can manage schedule' enabled, are able to view the indicators. Read more about Manager Permissions here.  

The indicator is visible on both the web and the mobile app:

Web Mobile

Viewing the Schedule:

List by Role Layout

Time frames Layout

Creating shifts:


Shift Pool - approving/denying requests:


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Schedule Filters

Managers and Admins can easily spot and track conflicts, overtime, unassigned shifts, and labor exceptions on the fly by clicking the filter warnings on the schedule page.

The filter will then isolate those warnings so you can make adjustments as needed.

If there are any alerts or labor warnings associated with a shift, these will be highlighted for you. You can hover your mouse over the icon beside the shift to learn more.

Unpublished shifts Labor Exceptions Conflicts         Overtime  

Learn more about setting up your Overtime Rules here, or enabling Labor Exceptions here (if they apply to your region).

List by Role View

The 'List by Role' layout will list your Employees under Role headers. If an Employee is assigned to multiple Roles, they will be listed under the Role you have designated as their Primary Role. From there, you can then assign shifts to each Employee.

To have an Employee appear under a different Role title, simply click and hold to drag and drop the Employee's name to another Role. 


List View

This 'List' layout will simply list all your Employees to the left. In this view, users are listed in order succession based on when they were added to the account. 

⚠️ You can customize the order of how your Employees will appear.

Simply click and drag the Employee name cell and arrange them in the desired order.

Below the Employee's name, you can see how many hours they are scheduled for during that week, as well as the total labor costs. The labor cost will be based on the hourly wage or weekly salary that you've entered in the Employee's profile.

If you have multiple Locations, you will see the total hours for all Locations. However, you will only see the labor cost for the Location you are currently viewing.

⚠️ A salaried Employee or Manager will only have their labor costs show for the Department Schedules they are set to appear for. This setting is found in their employee profile under the 'Assignments' tab.

If 'Appear on schedule' is disabled for a Department, a portion of their salary will not be divided into that Department.

Time Frames View

In this layout, the schedule is organized by Role and shift time. This view helps ensure you have the right coverage for each shift time.

When you click to add a shift in a specific Time Frame, you can see all available employees, and how many hours each employee is already scheduled to work.

Click here to find out how to create Time Frames in your account. You can also add new ones directly on the Schedules page using the Time Frames layout.

Multi-Department View

Use this view to edit shifts all at once for multiple Departments under the same Location.

⚠️ You can use this function from the 'List by Role' and 'List' views.

⚠️ Multi-Department view is not supported on mobile web browsers.

⚠️ Multi-Department view does not support the Labor Budget Tool in Day View, and will only surface sales and labor data for one department at a time. 
To view multiple Departments on the Schedule page at one time:

1. Click on the Department dropdown.

2. Select all of the Departments, under that Location, you wish to view.

3. Once you've made your selection, click on 'Apply.'

Tips for Multi-Department View:

1. Admins can select from all Departments while Managers and Assistant Managers can select only the Departments they are assigned to.

2. When using 'Fill from Template' and 'Save as Template' from this view, you will apply and save by Department:

3.When using the 'Copy To' and 'Copy From' functions, you can select labor targets and shift notes you want to copy forward too:

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 11.45.18 AM.png

4. The 'Revert' and 'Clear' schedule functions will affect all Departments visible at the time.

❗️'Revert' can only bring back the previously published version for that Schedule. Some edits, if they were still in draft mode, may be lost.  Exercise caution before using the 'Clear' function on a Schedule.

5. Publishing a schedule in Multi-Department view, when selecting to notify employees, will notify only those in the Department(s) with new shifts / changes.

Day View

Click on any day of the week to go to the Day View.

You will see detailed information on your daily schedule.

Click on the 'Today' button to easily navigate to today's schedule.

Along the top of the schedule, you will see a summary of the number of Employees who are booked each hour. To view the breakdown by Role, hover over the Employee count.

⚠️ The total daily Employee count shown under the weather forecast is the total number of shifts booked for the day. If an Employee is booked for two shifts on the same day, they will be counted as two Employees in the total count.

You can also make changes to specific shifts on this view. Simply click on the bar for the specific shift, and you'll see the shift edit box appear.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop a shift to another Employee.

Or, drag the shift start and end times to edit the shift length.

You will need to switch back to the Week View in order to publish your changes.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find your Labor Budget Tool. The Labor Budget tool in Day View will let you know how much labour you're scheduling per hour - and not worked hours. It does not have the ability to display worked hours per hour (however, the Optimal Labor Tool will be able to give you this information).


Publishing your Schedule

⚠️ Comp plan users will require a plan upgrade to publish 100+ shifts, per month.  

When you click on 'Publish' at the top right of a draft Schedule, staff will immediately receive an SMS / push notification and email indicating their shifts for the week. 

⚠️ Until you are ready to publish the schedule, the changes you make will be auto-saved. All shifts in draft mode will appear in a light yellow color and these shifts are NOT visible to Employees.


Making changes to an already published Schedule

If you need to make changes to a published schedule, you can re-publish it and choose to only notify employees that had changes to their shifts.

For example, any shifts that are deleted will not automatically update for your team. You'll need to make sure to republish the schedule in order for them to see it.

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