Managing Inactive Employees

If an employee is no longer working under your business regularly, you may wish to make their user profile inactive.

Making a user inactive means:
  • The user can no longer login to their 7shifts account
  • They won't receive further notifications from you via 7shifts
  • You won't be able to schedule them into the future
  • All of their information (past shifts, contact information, etc.) is still saved in your account to reference
Making an Employee inactive
Managing inactive Employees 
To reactivate an Employee

Making an Employee inactive

⚠️Managers/Assistant Managers will require the Manager Permission 'Can delete employees' in order to make an Employee's profile inactive.

1. Go to the more menu ' ☰ ' > Employees.

2. Click on the three dots beside the Employee's name and select 'Deactivate Employee.' 

3. Select a reason for deactivation, whether you would rehire that employee, and enter any optional comments that you may have. These details will be viewable by Admins, Managers, or Assistant Managers on the Inactive Employee page.

4. After completing the form, click on 'Deactivate Employee.'

Managing inactive Employees 

You can access the Inactive Employee Page by going to the  more menu ' ☰ ' > Employees > Inactive.
⚠️Managers/Assistant Managers will only be able to view inactive employees that were assigned under the same Locations and Departments that they themselves are assigned to.

Admins will have access to view all inactive users within the account.
While Employees are inactive, you are able to:
1. Edit their profile by clicking on their name highlighted in blue.

2. View the reason they were made inactive, whether you would rehire them, and any comments entered when they were deactivated.

3. Search for a specific user or filter the Inactive Employee list by the deactivation reason and rehire status.

You can also sort the list of inactive Employees by name or deactivation date.

To reactivate an Employee

⚠️Managers/Assistant Managers will only be able to view inactive employees that were assigned under the same Locations and Departments that they themselves are assigned to.

If you are a Manager/Assistant Manager user who cannot see this employee, it is likely that your Admin will need to reactivate them for you.

1. If you need to reactivate an Employee you have previously deactivated, click the 'Reactivate' button to the right of the Employee.

Alternatively, you can reactivate an Employee, while editing their Employee profile, by clicking 'Reactivate.' 
2. You'll be prompted to confirm once more with the option to also notify the employee via email. If selected, the notification will go to the email address that is currently on file with their employee profile.
That's it!

Once you reactivate an inactive Employee, they will be able to login immediately using the same login information they used previously. You can also begin scheduling them again right away.

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