Canadian Labor Compliance

To remain compliant with the regional labor requirements for restaurants, employers in Canada must take certain measures to ensure they are scheduling in a compliant manner.

Enabling Labor Compliance
Reporting Pay
Labor Exceptions Reports
⚠️ Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.

This feature is visible for Admins and Managers / Assistant Managers with permissions: can manage time punches, can manage exceptions, can run reports.
⚠️ The Labor Exceptions report is only available with 7punches or a POS labor integration.

Enable Labor Compliance

1. Head to Settings > Company Settings > Labor & Compliance.

2. Under the Jurisdiction dropdown > select your province.


3. Your local labor compliance settings will automatically populate. You can choose to manually adjust the settings at the bottom of the page and remember to click 'Save.' 


4. To re-sync your settings to the default settings (including the Overtime rules), click the 'Re-sync labor & compliance settings' button.

Reporting Pay

Reporting Pay is a form of wages that compensates employees who are scheduled to report to work and are sent home before the conclusion of their scheduled shift. These employees are entitled to be paid for unworked hours.

You can find more information on Canada's Reporting Pay regulations here.

  • Employees who report working for any length of a shift are entitled to receive at least 3 hours at the applicable minimum rate - regardless if their shift was cut and they worked less than 3 hours.

  • Employees located in Yukon will receive at least 2 hours at the applicable minimum rate (as opposed to 3 hours) - regardless if their shift was cut and they worked less than 3 hours.

⚠️ Reporting pay is available to all provinces and territories, except for British Columbia.

⚠️ Reporting Pay hours do not contribute to calculating hours worked, such as overtime hours.

⚠️ If rounding rules have been enabled for 7punches, this may affect shifts eligible for Reporting Pay and the costs associated.

To enable Reporting Pay

  1. Login as an Admin.

  2. In the top navigation bar, hover over Settings  > Company Settings > Labor & Compliance:

  3. From the Jurisdiction dropdown menu, select your province.
    If you currently have your jurisdiction set to Canada Federal, no changes are needed. If you are setting it up for the first time, please select your province:


  4. Under the section Advanced Labor, enable Reporting Pay:

  5. Be sure to hit 'Save' to complete these changes!

Once Reporting Pay has been enabled, it will automatically appear for Admins and Managers in the following areas: 

1. On the Time Clocking page as an exception warning.


2. On a Punch Overview.

Admins and Managers/Assistant Managers (with permissions) can click on the warning to further dismiss/restore an exception warning:

3. The Worked Hours and Wages Report.

Similarly, you can export the report directly from a closed timesheet:


4. The Labor Exceptions Report.


5. The Punch Audit Report, when the exception has been dismissed.


Labor Exceptions Report

1. Go to Reports > Labor Exceptions

2. Select the Date Range and Location and click Get Report.



Included in the report:

  • Employee who is owed the exception fee
  • Location
  • Date of the labor exception
  • Exception type
  • Exception fee
  • Exception details


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