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Employee Onboarding is a paperless solution to help you securely collect, and store tax forms, and send important company documents to new hires. You can prepare for your employee’s first day in the same app where you manage your schedule, allowing you to stay organized and eliminate paperwork.

With Employee Onboarding, you can:

  • Send new employees the I-9 and tax forms, including the W-4 and any required state income tax forms
  • Send new employees a direct deposit form
  • Upload important documents and policies for employee acknowledgement
  • Track and view employees’ form progress.
  • Review and approve employees’ submissions.

This article will cover the steps Admins and Managers will need to take on their web app to send and approve onboarding packages to new hires.

⚠️ Prerequisites
🇺🇸 This feature is only available to customers in the US.

⚠️ Before using this feature, the account must:

1. Have the country set to ‘United States of America’ under Compay Settings.
2. Have an address, under your Location Settings, that is within the US.

⚠️ Admins will have full access to this feature, however, Managers and Assistant Managers will only be able to use this feature for the Locations they are assigned to in the account. They will also require the following Manager Permissions:

  • Can add employees
  • Can edit employees
  • Can manage employee documents
  • Can send and approve onboarding forms



Uploading custom documents/policies to your onboarding package

Customize your onboarding package by uploading a document for your employees to acknowledge

  1. First, go to More > Employees and click Onboarding
  2. Go to the Onboarding Package Tab and click the green 'Add document' button
  3. Next, name your document and upload the respective file you're looking to include in your onboarding package

    ⚠️ Please Note

    Newly uploaded documents will be included and sent to the next employee you add to 7shifts. They are not sent to employees who have already received onboarding packages.

    • The supported file types are: PDF, JPEG, and PNG
    • The maximum size for each file is 500MB
  4. Click Save and your document will now be included in future onboarding packages
  5. You can simply turn the 'Include in package' toggle OFF, to stop sending a document out with your onboarding package

The Employee will need to download the file and acknowledge it by checking a box to declare that they have reviewed the document, understand it, and accept its terms.



Adding new employees and sending their forms

Just before you add a new user to your 7shifts account, you can send an employee their onboarding package. This package will include the applicable tax forms for your region, based on the address in the location settings of your account.

  1. First, go to More > Employees and click on the green 'Add Employee' button to create a new user profile.

  2. Next, a window will pop up where you can provide the Employee's details.

    Key information for Employee Profiles

    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address (all staff will require a valid email address to log into 7shifts)
    • Mobile Number (for SMS and Push notifications)
    • Their assigned Locations, Departments, and Roles
    • Wage Information
  3. Before you click on ‘Add employee’, ensure that you select the following options:
    • Invite employee to 7shifts - This will send them an email invite to access the account.
    • Send onboarding package - This is essential for sending them their appropriate tax forms.


  4. After you click on 'Add employee', your employee will immediately be added to your account. The employees will also receive an email prompting them to sign into their new 7shifts account and begin filling out their applicable forms.



  5. After your employee has completed one or more of the forms within their onboarding package, you will receive an email notification.




Sending new employees their forms directly from the Onboarding page

If you forgot to send an onboarding package while adding a new employee, or have Employee Sync enabled, you can send an onboarding package directly from the Onboarding page.

  1. First, go to More > Employees and click Onboarding
  2. Under the In-progress tab, click the green 'Send new package' button

  3. Next, select the location where your new employee is working. Then select the employee you want to send the onboarding package to.


    • You can only select locations that have a U.S. address
    • Only employees who haven't been onboarded can be selected
  4. After you click on 'Send new package', your employee will receive an email prompting them to sign into their new 7shifts account and begin filling out their applicable forms.

  5. After your employee has completed one or more of the forms within their onboarding package, you will receive an email notification.



Reviewing employee onboarding form packages

After an employee has completed the forms within their onboarding package, an email alert will be automatically sent to the Admin and Managers of that Location. However, you can go to the Onboarding dashboard at any time to review and approve these forms in 7shifts. Here, you can also track which forms still need to be completed by employees.

      1. To go to the Onboarding dashboard, head to More > Employees.



      2. Then, click on the ‘Onboarding’ tab where you’ll be able to see the progress of any Onboarding packages.


      3. While viewing this Dashboard, you can sort the list of employees by name, see the progress for each employee’s package, and click on ‘Review’ to approve their documents.



      4. After you click on review, you’ll be taken to a list of all the documents that employee has in progress and their statuses.

        Status meanings

        Status Description
        Incomplete Employee has not submitted the form
        Needs Manager review Employee has submitted the form and it is ready for manager approval and/or requires the employer to complete a section
        Complete Form has been approved by a manager. If it is a tax form, the PDF has been made and saved to the employee under Profile > Documents

        You will only be able to click on tax forms when they have the "Needs Manager review" status. Company documents are not clickable


      5. For some documents you may need to simply scroll down and approve the information. Other documents may require you to fill out the employer portion of the form, which is found further down the page.


        ⚠️ If you are required to fill out a portion of the form, be sure not to close or navigate away from the page or your progress may be lost.
        ⚠️ If you notice any errors that the employee needs to correct, see the steps here to request changes.
      6. When you’re finished, click on ‘Approve’ at the bottom of the page.section_2__1_.png
      7. After you click on ‘Approve’, you’ll immediately be taken to the next document in the package that requires your approval. As you work through the list, the completed documents will have a checkmark beside them.
      8. At the bottom of the last form, click on ‘Approve and complete package.’Screen_Shot_2022-04-29_at_2.45.13_PM_copy.png
      9. Finally, click on ‘Yes’ to confirm.
      10. To view a record of documents an employee has acknowledged, go to the employee’s profile > Acknowledgments.


Congratulations, you’ve onboarded your employee!

Going forward, these files can be found within the 'Documents' tab of the employee’s profile.

Once all the tax forms have been ‘Approved’ and saved to the employee’s profile, you’ll be able to open, view and print the final forms with all the provided information.




Requesting edits

If you find any errors in a form that the employee must correct, you can request them to make the required changes. 

  1. While viewing the document, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Request changes.' 


  2. A comments box will appear where you can provide the employee details for what changes are needed. Then, Click on 'Send request.'
  3. After you send the request, the employee will immediately receive an email notification with the document name and comments you provided. You will receive also an email notification after they resubmit the document.



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