Overtime Warnings

Admins and Managers will be able to see warnings on the 7shifts mobile app when employees are about to go into, or are in, overtime (OT). Having these warnings readily available can help you meet your labor targets and easily make labor decisions on the fly.

⚠️ To access Overtime Warnings, the account must:

1. Have a POS labor integration or 7punches enabled.
2. Have Overtime settings enabled in your account and have configured your daily and weekly Overtime rules. (See steps here.)

⚠️Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.
⚠️ Managers and Assistant Managers will require the ‘Can manage schedules' Manager Permission to access this feature. Managers and Assistant Managers also will only see these warnings for employees assigned to the same Locations and Departments as them.
⚠️ Overtime Warnings in the mobile app are not supported with Future POS, Heartland Restaurant, Lightspeed POS, and Upserve POS at this time. 

Once you have the prerequisites mentioned above, Overtime Warnings will appear automatically for Admins and Managers on the mobile app.

These warnings will appear in the following situations:

1. 120 minutes before an employee is about to go into daily or weekly overtime. These warnings will be yellow.

2. When an employee is in daily or weekly overtime, these warnings will appear in red. These warnings will also override any cases where the employee is also approaching another type of overtime.

You can see these warnings on the mobile app in the following areas:

1. On the Dashboard page, under the ‘Clocked-in’ section.


2. On the 'Unapproved' punches tab, under the Time Clocking page.


3. In the punch details, when viewing a specific employee's punch.


Worried about missing an Overtime Warning? You can also choose to get real-time mobile notifications when an employee is about to go into overtime, or is in overtime, by enabling Overtime Alerts.

Click here to learn more about Overtime Alerts.
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