Tip Pooling Report

After you've set up your Tip Pool, or multiple Tip Pools in your 7shifts account, here are some steps to take to run the reports for any of your Tip Pools.

To Run the Tip Pooling Report
Syncing Tips to Payroll
⚠️ Admins can automatically access the Tip Pool reports. However, Managers and Assistant Managers will require both the 'Can run reports' and 'Can run tip pool reports' Manager Permissions.

⚠️ Rule changes: the open pay period will be updated even if the rule changed halfway through the pay period, or, if a past pay period was opened after the rules had been changed.

⚠️ Deactivated employees: they are removed from the open pay period, or if a past pay period was opened after the employee had been deactivated. This will affect your report figures.

To Run the Tip Pooling Report 

The Tip Pool report can be accessed from the Tip Pooling dashboard or directly in the Reports section of 7shifts.

1. If you are already viewing the Tip Pool dashboard, click on View Report beside the specific Tip Pool you wish to review .

Or, head to Reports > Tip Pooling:

3. Next, select your date range, Location, Tip Pool name, and desired layout within the option dropdowns.

4. Then, click on Get Report.


⚠️ For cases where no employees had clocked in under a Role that would have received tips, the remaining contributed tips will be distributed amongst the other receiving Roles in that Tip Pool.
⚠️ If your timesheets have not been closed for the selected time period, you may be prompted to first verify your Employee's punches and close the pay period. This will help ensure that the tip distribution is calculated correctly.

5. Once you have generated the report, you'll get a CSV file similar to this:

(Summary layout)


(Detailed layout - not all columns are depicted)


⚠️ If you are using Toast POS and are noticing any discrepancies or irregularities with your report, please review some of the troubleshooting steps here.

Syncing Tips to Payroll

Accounts using a supported payroll provider will be able to send their tip data calculations, from the Tip Pool, when processing payroll.


Click here to learn more about syncing your tip data to payroll.

Please review carefully to see if your payroll provider is compatible.
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