Quick Fix Scheduling

As you create your Schedule, it's possible for a few labor and compliance warnings to be detected. Quick Fix can easily assist to correct these issues to ensure your schedule is compliant and help keep your labor costs down.


⚠️ Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.

Using Quick Fix

1. To request Quick Fix to correct any scheduling warnings, click on the Fix Warnings option at the top of your Schedule.


Alternatively, you can fill the Schedule using an existing Template or copy a Schedule from a previous week. If there are any issues detected in the new schedule that was generated, Quick Fix will automatically be prompted to assist.

2. Next, you'll see a window with the total count of shifts with warnings, such as:

  • Labor Exceptions
  • Conflicts
  • Overtime
  • Unassigned Shifts - shifts in a template that could not be assigned to any eligible employees. 

3. Click on 'Yes, fix them for me' to allow Quick Fix to proceed.


You will briefly see this screen as Quick Fix makes any changes needed to correct any of the labor and compliance errors found on the schedule. This only takes a moment.


When reassigning shifts, Quick Fix will consider the following:

  • If an Employee is already scheduled for that day
  • If the shift will cause an Employee to be scheduled for a 'clopen'
  • If an Employee is close to Overtime or will exceed the Consecutive Days limit (under Company Settings)
  • If the shift conflicts with any pending or approved Time Off
  • If the shift conflicts with the Employee's Availability
  • If the shift will cause any Labor Exceptions according to your jurisdiction (if using Advanced Labor Compliance)
  • The Role and shift times Employees have been scheduled in the past
⚠️ Shifts can only be given to Employees if they are assigned to those specific Roles under their Employee profiles.

5. Once Quick Fix is finished, click 'Go to my schedule' to take a look.


⚠️ If there are any remaining shifts that could not be successfully reassigned, you will see this warning message. 

Click on 'Review my schedule' to see how your employees have been scheduled.


6. From here, you can decide to make any further changes or simply go ahead with Publishing the Schedule.


That's it!

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