Who Receives Shift Pool Request Notifications?

A Shift Pool request is an email or SMS/push notification that is sent to Managers and Admins when an Employee is requesting to take a shift from the Shift Pool or trade a shift directly with another Employee.
Who these request notifications will get routed to may depend on your user type, permissions, and account settings.
Admins and Managers can disable the Shift Pool notifications by going to their notification preferences and disabling them. However, by default, here is how it works:
Manager Notifications:
  • Those set up as a Manager or Assistant Manager user type in 7shifts will get an email or SMS/push notification when an Employee requests to take a shift in the Shift Pool
  • Managers/Assistant Managers will only receive the notification for requests coming from Employees assigned to their Locations and Departments
  • If there are two or more designated Managers at a Location or Department, they will all get the notification
  • Managers/Assistant Managers will also require the 'Can approve/decline shift pool requests' Manager Permission
Admin Notifications:
  • If you are an Admin that is not set to 'Appear as an Employee', you will get Shift Pool request notifications for all Locations and Departments. 
  • If you are an Admin that is set to 'Appear as an Employee', you will receive notifications exclusively for (1) the Locations and Departments that you are assigned to, and (2) if you have set yourself to to 'Appear on schedule' for them (you can enable these settings within your Employee profile).
  •  Under the Company settings, Admins can update the Shift Pool settings for the entire account. Learn more here
⚠️ Admins, Managers, Assistant Managers can follow the steps provided here to manage their own personal notification preferences and enable/disable receiving certain notifications.
Here's what the Shift Pool request approval process looks like on the web app and on the mobile app.
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