Weekly Digest Email Summary

Admins will receive an automatic weekly email containing a summary of their Location's performance.

Labor Performance
Requires Attention
Employee Engagement
Updating Your Notification Settings
⚠️ Access to certain features or reports may require an upgrade from your current plan. 
⚠️ Currently, this email can only be sent to Admins.

These emails will be sent out on the 'Start Week On' day, found under  Settings > Company Settings > General.

⚠️ The email will distribute the morning of the 'Start Week On' day, at 4:00 am (based on the Location’s time zone).

Example: 4:00 am EST, Sunday.
In the Weekly Digest Summary email, you will see the following sections: 

Labor Performance

This will include your:
  • Actual Sales 
  • Labor Costs
  • Variances
  • Sales projections
  • SPLH (Sales per labor hour)
  • Labor %
  • Overtime Hours

⚠️ To receive Actual Sales data, click here to find your POS and activate one of our available POS integrations.
⚠️ Actual Labor data requires an active POS Labor integration or 7punches.

Requires Attention

Here you will see any pending requests such as:
  • Time Off
  • Availability 
  • Shift Pool and Shift Trades

Employee Engagement

Under Employee Engagement you can view updates like:
  • Birthdays 
  • Workaversaries 
  • Shift Feedback (shows your Location's average shift score collected from Shift Feedback surveys)

Click here to learn more about the Engage feature.

Updating Your Notification Settings

To enable or disable receiving these updates:

Head to  Settings > My Account > Notifications and select the toggle for 'Email Summary.'

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