Supported Notifications

In this article, you'll find a full list of the supported notifications for each method of communication. 

As SMS notifications are limited, you can continue to receive mobile updates through push notifications (recommended) or email.

Feature SMS Push Email Recipient/User type
Availability Declined Employee
Availability Approved Employee
Health Check Fail Sent to a Manager when an Employee fails a 7punches Health Check
Late Punch Alert Sent to a Manager when an Employee is late to punch in
Log Book Notifications Manager
Announcement All
New Message All
Tip Payouts Invite Employee
Shift Pool Declined Employee
Shift Pool Approved Employee
Shift Pool Denied Employee
Shift Pool Bid Placed Manager
Schedule Published All
Shift Offered Up All
Shift Reminders All
Trade Request Approved Tradee
Trade Request Declined Tradee
Trade Request Deleted Tradee
New Trade Request Tradee
Trader Canceled Trade Request Tradee
Trade Request Approved Trader
Trade Request Declined Trader
Trade Request Deleted Trader
Trade Accepted and Approved Trader
Tradee Accepted Trade Request Trader
Tradee Declined Trade Request Trader
Time Off Acknowledged Employee
Time Off Created Manager
Shift Pool Picked Up Employee
Employee Enters Overtime Manager
Employee Approval of Time Punch Edit Manager
Employee Onboarding Reminder All
Shift Feedback Notification Employee
Break Alerts Sent to a Manager when an Employee is due for a break
Punch in Reminders Sent to an Employee to remind them to punch in for their scheduled shift
Tip Payouts Failed Payment Notification Manager
7shifts Payroll Payment Method Error Manager
Paystub Available All
7tasks Reminder All
7tasks Overdue Manager
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