Time Clocking & Integration Settings for Labor Visibility

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As a business owner, it's important to keep track of your Employee's punch times. This article will give you an overview of the settings you can configure with a POS integration in order to keep track of labor data. Simply put, you'll be setting up your:

    1. POS integration settings
      These settings allow your POS system to communicate directly with 7shifts, ensuring that your employee clock-ins are accurately tracked. You can do this by following the instructions for integrating your POS system.

    2. Time Clocking settings
      You can tailor the Time Clocking page according to your preferences and conveniently monitor punches directly from your POS. But that's not all! This data also flows into different areas of 7shifts (such as tip calculations and various reports).  

⚠️ The availability of certain features listed below, relies on the capabilities of your POS. Review our list of supported POS integrations here.

Integration Settings

Once you have successfully enabled your POS integration, there are a few settings you should consider as they can impact the labor data you see in 7shifts. 

Login as an Admin > head to Apps & Integations > My Integrations > click on your POS name > Settings. Here's an overview of the labor settings available to you:


  • Employee Mapping
    As soon as your POS integration is connected, prioritize mapping your employees (and roles!). This ensures accurate labor data reporting across your 7shifts Account. Click here to learn more.

  • Actual Labor
    Please enable this to allow your POS to sync punches and labor data. Your actual labor costs will be displayed on the Dashboard, allowing you to compare Sales vs. Labor.

  • Schedule Enforcement
    Syncs data so that you don’t have to worry about unscheduled punches.

Employee Data

  • Employee Sync
    Syncs data so that your employees in your POS exist in 7shifts too. Click here to learn more.

  • Wage Sync
    Ensures that your 7shifts role wages match up with what you see in your POS. 

Connection Settings:

  • Disconnect

    Excercise caution when using the Disconnect setting. It is important to understand that clicking Disconnect will cause the data syncing between your POS and 7shfits to stop. However, your historical sales and labor data will still be available in the Account. The primary use for this setting is to reconnect or switch your integration.

    Please be aware of the implications when disconnecting an integration:

        • The data syncing between your POS and 7shifts will stop. Rest assured that the historical sales and labor data will remain in the Account.

        • Any integration settings (e.g. Actual Labor, Employee Sync), will have to be re-enabled. These settings do not hold.

        • Manual mapping of roles and employees will need to be done again if they are not identical in spelling. Click here to learn more.

Time Clocking Settings

Follow these steps to enable Time Clocking and view each employees’ POS punches directly in 7shifts.

When viewing the Time Clocking page, the settings available to you are those under sections General Settings, and POS Settings. You can skip the 7punches Settings sections as they have no impact on your integration.

Pro Tip!

It is possible that an Account may have a punch system set up where some Employees are clocking in on the POS and on 7punches (for example, Accounts with different Locations). When reviewing punches, you'll find it helpful to look at the source of the punch. Find it at the top of the punch information, highlighted in the red box below.

To highlight, here are additional settings you can explore to further customize the labor data you see in 7shifts: 

Edit Pay Periods

As a general overview, 7shifts consistently retrieves data from your integrated POS. Please note that sync times vary depending on your POS, and may require a backfill to be initiated from our Support team beyond those designated times.

With Actual Labor enabled:

Located in your Apps & Integration Settings:
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Any modifications, edits, or deletions made in the POS will eventually sync with 7shifts, thereby updating the labor data to match with the POS. If you need to edit a punch, but it isn't updated in your POS first, it will eventually revert back to what is listed there to match its counterparts.

With 3rd Party Punches enabled:

Located in your Time Clocking Settings:
Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 10.23.51 AM.png

Any modifications, edits, or deletions made in the POS after the employee clocks out will not sync with 7shifts. In other words, make any necessary changes right in 7shifts! Once a punch is recorded and received in 7shifts from the POS, subsequent changes made in the POS will not be reflected in 7shifts - the original punch data will be maintained without further updates. Click here to learn more.

Once your labor data settings are configured according to your preference, you'll have the ability to adjust your pay period date range. Please note that editing the dates will change the pay periods for the entire Account. It is expected that changing your pay period dates may affect your past reporting. You can think of your pay periods as folders. The date ranges that are visible will include all the punches within that specific timeframe. Click here to learn more.

Pro tip!

If there is no pencil icon next to a punch, this indicates that you must edit the punch on the POS - unless 3rd Party Punches has been enabled.

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