Why am I not receiving Log Book emails?

If you or your team members are not receiving Log Book summary emails at the end of your workday, here are steps you can take to verify that your Log Book settings are correctly configured:

  • Check that you have your Manager Log Book notification settings enabled. To do this, head to Settings > My Account > Notifications > enable Manager Log Book:

  • Check that you are assigned to the Locations that you'd like to receive summaries from. Depending on your user level type, you may require assistance from a user of a higher level who has access to your assignments.
  • The Log Book summary can be auto-sent. For auto-send, check that log entries have been made. The Log Book will not send if the categories are left blank, and there are no log entries. For example, if it wasn't sent, you will see the following status update in red:
    Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 1.54.44 PM.png

  • The Log Book summary can be manually sent. For manual send, please confirm with your team that they are navigating to the Manager Log Book > clicking the designated button. The Log Book will not be sent if no one has clicked "Send email Summary". For example, if sent, you will see the following status update in green:

    Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 1.58.52 PM.png

  • Check your receiving email's junk/spam folders, and ensure that our email (notifications@7shifts.com) is whitelisted.

Situation Unresolved

Get in touch with our Support team . To help expedite the process, please share your receiving e-mail in your message.


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