7shifts Payroll: Personal Legal and Tax information

Updating your information for tax reporting and pay statements is an important task that ensures you and your team's 7shifts payroll information is up-to-date. 

Legal Information

For Admins & Managers

You may find it helpful to send your team this handy article that will walk them through the steps to update their own 7shifts payroll information: Update your Legal and Tax information.

⚠️ Managers/Assistant Managers require permission 'Can edit employees', and can only edit those with whom they share the same Location settings within their Assignments.

⚠️ Managers can edit Assistant Managers and Employees. They cannot edit Admins or other Managers.


Follow these steps to update your team's information: 

  1. Log into the web app as an Admin or Manager with permission.
  3. In the left navigation bar, head to Team:

  4. Search and click on an Employee's name to expand their profile:

  5. Scroll to the section Legal and Tax Information, and enter their details:

  6. Be sure to hit Save to complete these changes.
For Employees

⚠️ If you claimed "exempt" from federal and state withholding tax on your 2023 W-4 form, please be aware that this exemption expires on February 15, 2024. To maintain your exempt status for 2024, head to the Taxes and Payment tab to update your W-4 form.

⚠️ Employees with a Pay Card set up from a previous configuration will be able to switch away from that option, but won't be able to save a new Pay Card configuration.

Don't have a paycard? We recommend taking a look at Chime . Chime provides a Visa Debit Card® with a Checking Account that can be managed directly from a smartphone.Learn more about it here!

Follow these steps to update your legal and tax information:

Mobile Web
  1. Log in to the mobile app.

  2. Click on your profile icon at the top left corner.

  3. Select Edit Profile.

  4. Fill in your details under the section Legal and tax information:

  5. Be sure to hit Save to complete these changes.

Tax Information

⚠️ Tax forms can only be completed by the user.

Follow these steps to update your tax withholding details and manage your tax liability:

  1. Login to the web app.

  2. Hover over your profile icon at the top right > My Account.

  3. Select the Taxes and Payment tab.

  4. Select Update tax withholding details:

  5. Click on each form to complete it > Sign & Submit:

  6. Once your forms are complete, you can return to this tab to update your SSN:

  7. You can review and access your completed forms under the Tax Forms tab:

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