Troubleshooting 7shifts Payroll

In this article, you'll find suggested solutions to help you navigate a variety of common Payroll topics.

What to do

Missing payroll entries for a user.

A user with recorded time punches does not appear in the payroll draft list.

What To Do
Verify that a wage is set in their employee profile with an accurate "effective wage date".
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Here are a few reasons why wage/salary may be incorrect:

  • Modifications to wages/salaries, and their effective dates.
  • Transitions between wage and salary settings (or vice-versa).
  • Missing wage/salaries for roles with actual labor.
  • Absence of recorded breaks.
Bank Validation Failed for an Employee.

Our Payroll team will reach out to you and the affected Employee via e-mail to confirm your Employee's banking details. Once received, please click on the secure link and follow the steps to update their banking information.

An Employee Was Not Paid/Underpaid.
In this scenario, the quickest solution would involve running an off-cycle payroll and manually entering the hours worked to ensure prompt payment for the Employee.

To ensure consistency in reporting (for ex: between payroll and historical timesheets), add the hours in manually in time clocking.

Click here to learn more about running an off-cycle payroll. 

An Employee Was Overpaid.
In this scenario, you can choose to either:

(1) adjust your Earnings on the next Payroll to balance out the discrepancy.

Or, (2) attempt to void and reissue the Employee's Pay (if it has been less than 5 banking days). To go with this option, click on the blue icon at the bottom right of your screen to start a chat with us and our Payroll team will be in touch soon.
If you have paid the Employee by paper check, reach out to your bank to cancel the check and start a chat with our Payroll team to remove the payroll item.

Employees who are paid a salary and request unpaid time off.
At this time, users who are paid a salary and request unpaid time off will not be reflected in labour reporting.

To account for this in the meantime, you may wish to to do the following during their requested unpaid time off: (1) deactivate them, or (2) remove their wage from their user profile.  After their time off is complete, you may return their profile settings to their original state.

Running Payroll? Please remove them before running payroll.

Situation Unresolved

Check out our FAQs section for more information about Payroll!

Got more questions? Reach out to your Implementation Manager or get in touch by clicking on the blue icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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