Task Notifications

With Task Notifications, we're making it easier to stay on top of those to-do lists! Remind employees before their shift starts to hold them accountable and increase the likelihood tasks will be completed, and give managers instant insight into overdue tasks.

 Task Notifications is available on all plans with Task Management

Task Notifications for Employees

Things can get busy, and it is easy to forget about tasks you need to complete. To help as a reminder, Employees can now get notifications about tasks they are assigned to.

At the start of their shifts, Employees will receive a notification to their mobile device letting them know that they have tasks assigned to them (or their location, department, or role). 

Tapping this notification will open the Task Management Tab in the 7shifts app.




⚠️ Task Notifications are defaulted to send as Push Notifications, and cannot be sent as SMS or email.

If Mobile Task Management is 'disabled' or a shared device is used at the restaurants with the 7shifts app, Employees will not receive these notifications.

Task Notifications for Admins/Managers

New notifications for Admins and Managers give insight into task completion at the restaurant. Get timely notifications to help hold employees accountable for their tasks and keep the restaurant running smoothly.

Admins and Managers will receive a notification when a task list becomes overdue. Tapping this notification will open the Task Management Tab in the 7shifts app.




⚠️ Only Admins/Managers working at the time the task list becomes overdue will receive the notification.

If Mobile Task Management is 'disabled', the scheduled Admin/Manager will still receive this notification.

Task Notification Settings

Admins and Managers with the 'Can Manage Tasks' permission may disable/enable the company-wide settings through the main navigation bar > Tasks > Settings:



Q: If a Manager is assigned a Task, will they receive a notification?

A: Yes. The notification is sent to any user that has a shift that day, and was assigned a Task - either because it matches their Assignments, or that the task was specifically assigned to them.


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