7tasks (Web)

With 7tasks, check completion progress on the fly, who’s completed which tasks, and who’s tagged in a task. View what still needs to be done and what task lists are overdue. Hold your employees accountable for their tasks with a centralized management system.

Click here for instructions on accessing the 7tasks mobile app.


⚠️ Managers/Assistant Managers will have access to all task lists within their assigned Departments. This includes those for roles they are not assigned to.

⚠️ This feature is offered as a paid add-on. Please see our Pricing Page for more information.

⚠️ For accounts that are subscribed to 7shifts through the Clover Marketplace, access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.

Creating a Task List

⚠️ Admins and Managers / Assistant Managers with the permission 'Can manage tasks,' are able to create/edit task lists.
Click here to learn more.

1. To begin using 7tasks, click on the Tasks tab > select + Create list


2. Next, name your list, add a description, and set the recurrence. 

Below are your List of Recurrence options:

❗️Once the recurrence has been set for a list, it cannot be changed.

However, you can still make a copy of an existing list and then choose a different recurrence for the copy. Click here to learn more.
⚠️ Daily task lists will auto-generate two hours prior to the Location's opening time and auto close two hours after the Location's closing time (based on your Location's Hours of Operation). However, this 2-hour buffer will not apply if a specific Time Frame has been enabled for the task list.

3. Select if you would like to set a specific Time Frame for this task list. After checking this box, you'll be able to enter a start time and set a time for when the task list is due.

If selected:

  • The task list will only be visible for Employees after the beginning of the Time Frame.
  • The list will become overdue if there are still any incomplete tasks by the end time.
  • Employees cannot return to an overdue task list and complete them. Tasks must be completed within the set Time Frame.

⚠️ Please note:

  • Adding a Time Frame is only available when using the Daily, Specific Days of the Week, or One-Time recurrence options.
  • The Time Frame entered will apply to all tasks within this list.
  • One-Time lists will only require a due date (the end time is optional).

4. Click on '+ Add Assignment' and a Location to assign your list to.

Additionally, you have the option to assign the list to a Department or a specific employee under that Location.

Assigning Lists to a group (Location / Department / Role):

If assigning the list to one or more Departments, the option to target specific Roles will also appear. You can add multiple Location, Department, and Role assignments by clicking the '+ Add Assignment' button after saving.

❗️If creating a Task list for only a single Role, this task list will be deleted if the Role is deleted.

Assigning Lists to an Employee:

If assigning an entire task list to a specific employee, select their name by searching it in the text box or scrolling down. Only one employee can be selected. (See the step above to assign a list to multiple employees).

⚠️ If an Employee is assigned to a task list, that person is the only one who can see the list, in addition to Admins and Managers that can see / edit lists.

5. After choosing who the list will be for, click 'Save & Add Tasks' at the bottom of the page.

You are now ready to add tasks to your new task list!

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Adding Tasks

Click here to learn more.

The task list name will be displayed directly to Employees to describe the tasks within it needing to be completed.

To see how this looks for Employees on the 7tasks mobile app, click here.
To create your list:

1. Enter the new task name in the blank field at the bottom of the list.

2. If you click on 'Task details' you can add a description along with your task name, if needed. Under the 'Type' dropdown choose how this task will be recorded as complete by employees.

The default task 'Type' is with a 'Checkmark', but employees can mark a task as complete by using the following options:

⚠️ If the 'Photo' option is selected, the device you have set up as your 7tasks terminal will require a built-in camera. Employees will be prompted to take a single photo using the device’s camera in order to complete the task. They will be unable to upload any photos / files.

3. Be sure to click 'Save' after making changes to each task.

⚠️ Tip: To change the order of your tasks, simply hover your mouse on the left side of the task, then click and hold to drag and drop them in the desired sequence.

4. When you're done updating your list or want to save any changes, click on 'Save.' 

5. Then, click on 'Save & Publish' to make the list live and available to employees. Alternatively, click 'Save as inactive' if you would like to continue building your list and post it to employees later.

To activate a draft or inactive task list:

Go to the 'Task List Templates' tab and click on 'Activate List.'

⚠️ When making edits / changes to an existing task list, with a Daily recurrence, these changes will become visible on the following day.

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Assigning Tasks to Specific Employees

You can assign certain tasks within a list to a specific employee instead of an entire group. Tagging your employees can increase your task completion rate by 135%!

Click here to see how to assign an entire list of tasks to an individual employee. 
Click here to learn more.

1. Head to Tasks > Overview > click on 'Tag Employees' beside the task list:


2. Next to the task, select an employee's name to assign them to that specific task.

Only employees scheduled for that particular time frame will appear in the dropdown and only one employee can be selected per task.

3. Be sure to hit 'Save' once you're done.

You can go back and change which employee is tagged to a task at any time.

⚠️ Please Note:
  • If the Employee swaps shifts or gives up a shift in the Shift Pool, this will not also transfer the task. The person originally tagged will be removed and the task will be automatically available to the Locations, Departments, or Roles with access to the list for that task. 
  • Employees will be available to tag based on their Location and the timeframe of the task. In order to be tagged to a task, Employees must have published shifts within the Time Frame (Daily / Specific days of the week / Weekly / Monthly). The exception will be for One-time (non-repeating) tasks.

    For example, only an employee scheduled to work on the current day can be tagged to complete a daily task.
To see how this looks for Employees on the 7tasks mobile app, click here.

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Assigning Tasks to an Employee in Bulk

Click here to learn more.

Save time assigning tasks with Task Tagging! You can quickly tag multiple tasks to a specific employee.

1. Head to Tasks > Overview > select Tag Employees beside a task list.

2. Next to Tag all tasks to, select an employee’s name from the dropdown menu.

Scheduled and unscheduled employees will appear in the dropdown, and only one employee can be bulk tagged at once.Screenshot_2023-04-07_at_12.57.39_PM.png

 3. Be sure to hit Save to complete these changes.

Depending on the existing details of a Task List, you can use Task Tagging to:

Tag all unassigned tasks at once.

  • Simply pick an Employee from the dropdown menu:Screen_Shot_2022-09-28_at_8.17.42_PM.png
  • All tasks will be newly tagged to your Employee:Screen_Shot_2022-09-28_at_8.20.09_PM.png

Tag remaining unassigned tasks at once. If some tasks have previously been tagged:

  • Pick a new Employee from the dropdown menu:Amy_Doe.png
  • Confirm this change from the available options:
  • The remaining unassigned tasks will be tagged:Screen_Shot_2022-09-28_at_7.51.26_PM.png

Overwrite all tagged Employees. If all tasks have previously been tagged:

  • Pick a new Employee from the dropdown menu:amydoe2.png
  • Confirm this change:
  • All tasks will be changed to your new Employee:


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Overview Lists & Progress Tracking

Click here to learn more.

1. To view the progress of your lists, go to Tasks > Overview.

You will see all your active lists and how many tasks have been completed in each. You can also see which employee is assigned to an entire list or if any employees have been tagged to any specific tasks.


2. Click on a list to see the details and progress of each task within the list. 

Each task that is completed will show the time and the name of the Employee who completed it. You'll also see the response they recorded if they competed a number, temperature, or photo task type.

If an employee submitted a photo to complete a task, you can hover over the image to view it in more detail.


Overdue Tasks

⚠️Tasks will be visible on mobile devices from 2 hours before their start time until 2 hours after their due time. This gives Employees time to view and complete them when they are able to.

⚠️ Tasks that have a set time frame will only appear from the start time until 2 hours after the due time.

Here's what they'll see on the 7tasks mobile app if they have any outstanding tasks:

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Duplicating / Copying Task Lists

Click here to learn more.

You can recreate an entire list of tasks by using the 'Duplicate List' function. This will allow you to use an existing task list as a template and set up another list more quickly. You can then edit this new list as much as you would like to better suit your needs.

Here's how to copy a Task List:

1. First head to Tasks > Tasks List Templates. You can click the 'more' icon beside the specific task list you wish to copy and select 'Duplicate List.'


2. Alternatively, you can click on a list to view the Task List Template in detail and then select 'Duplicate List.'


3. You'll be prompted to fill out the details for your new list such as the name, description, recurrence type, and the Location assignment.

⚠️ Note that this will become a new list that is completely separate from the original.

So you can rename it, choose a different recurrence frequency, set a new Time Frame, and assign a different Location/group of employees to this list if desired.

4. Then, click on Save & Duplicate.

5. Now you can edit and customize the specific tasks within the list by clicking on Task Details.

Be sure to click 'Save' after making changes to each task.

⚠️ Tip: To change the order of your tasks, simply hover your mouse on the left side of the task, then click and hold to drag and drop them in the desired sequence.

6. Similar to creating a task list from scratch, when you're done updating your list, you'll need to click 'Save' and then 'Save & Publish' to make the list live and available to employees.

Alternatively, click 'Save as Draft' if you would like to continue building your list and post it to employees later.


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Setting up the 7tasks Terminal

7tasks can be used from a mobile device, a tablet, iPad, or iPod touch. Here are the links to download the iOS and Android apps:


After downloading and launching the 7tasks app, an Admin, or Manager / Assistant Manager with the permission 'Can manage tasks,' can login using their 7shifts login information. You won't be logged out of 7tasks, so you will not have to keep re-entering your login information to launch the app each day.

Click here to see these steps in more detail.

From there, Employees will be able to punch in (using their punch ID) and record their completed tasks.

⚠️ To help reduce the risk in using shared devices, 7tasks users can now allow their employees to access task lists from their personal devices.

Click here to learn more.
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