7shifts 101 for Admins

👋 Welcome to 7shifts!  

For more details, below is a handy step-by-step guide to assist you with launching your account.

Setting up your 7shifts account (steps 1-7)
Adding your staff to 7shifts (steps 8-13)
Scheduling & Communication Tools (steps 14-19)
Training & Support
7shifts 101 Training Webinar

Setting up your 7shifts account

Step 1: Log into your 7shifts account on our website and confirm your contact information. 

You can access this by heading to Settings:

⚠️ If you face any issues logging in, please try the steps to reset your password here.
Step 2: Download the free 7shifts mobile app, by clicking either link below:


⚠️ You are welcome to start using the 7shifts mobile app at any time📱. However, the best practice is to continue your account set up initially from your desktop. 🖥
Step 3: Set up your notifications
Step 4: Review switching between multiple accounts
Step 5: Set up your Account Structure
Step 6: Company Settings 101
Step 7: Setting up Labor and Overtime rules

Adding your staff to 7shifts

Step 8: Review the Levels of Hierarchy & User Types for 7shifts
Step 9: Adding Managers
Step 10: Manager permissions
⚠️ Tip: Once you've set up and invited your managers, you may also want to share with them the following guides:

7shifts 101 for Managers (Web)
7shifts 101 for Managers (Mobile)
Step 11: Adding Employees
Step 12: Wage and salary Overview

Step 13: Inviting Employees

Scheduling & Communication Tools

Step 14: Time Off 101
Step 15: Availability 101
Step 16: Creating and Publishing a Schedule
Step 17: Review the Labor Budget Tool  
Step 18: Review the Shift Pool
Step 19: Communicating with Employees - Messaging & Announcements

You can go to Announcements to send an email and/or SMS text message to all of your employees.  Announcements act as a bulletin board, sending a one-way form of communication to your employees.

Feel free to use this template: 
Hey everyone! 👋 Welcome to 7shifts — our new scheduling app.  This is how we will be sending out the schedule, so please ensure you download the free mobile app to get your shifts https://7shifts.com/get-app/7shifts
⚠️ Tip: You could also ask your employees to submit their availability and time off, so that it’s in the system, making it easy to build schedules moving forward. 

You may also want to include the following Getting Started Guides for Employees:
Employees: Getting Started (Mobile)
Employees: Getting Started (Web)

🎉 That's it. Happy scheduling!

Training & Support

You can start a conversation with our Support team by clicking on the blue icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
📚 For self-serve resources, you can search our knowledge base here
🎥 Don't forget to check out our 7shifts Product Overview Video.

🔍 Find more information on additional tools like:

Third-Party Integrations
Manager Log Book
Operations Overview
Optimal Labor
Advanced Labor Compliance (if applicable to your region)
Employee Engagement
Scheduling Templates

7shifts 101 Training Webinar

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