Worked Hours & Wages Report

The Worked Hours & Wages report is a summary that includes all worked hours and wages recorded via 7punches. 

⚠️ To access the Worked Hours & Wages report you must be using 7punches, or have a POS integration with Actual Labor enabled.

To run the report:

    1. In the left navigation bar, head to Reports > Worked Hours & Wages.

    2. Use the filters (i.e. Date Range, Location, Department, Role, Layout) to narrow down your results:

      Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 9.25.20 AM.png

    3. (optional) Checkmark Include Tips. Restaurants with tip data streaming through to 7shifts from 7punches, POS integrations, or Tip Pooling can now choose to include employee tip information in their Worked Hours & Wages Reports.
      Pro Tip! When encountering inaccuracies in your reported tip information, the issue is often related to the configuration of your Tips to Payroll settings. To address this, review and modify your Tips to Payroll settings to ensure your formula is calculated according to your preferences.
    4. You can choose to download the report on your local device or view it in your web browser in the View as dropdown.

      ⚠️ The CSV export does not support break information and is not available in the Compact layout.
    5. Click on Get Report.

    6. The report will populate the labour data for all users that fit the criteria chosen. Here's an example:

      (click on the image to expand it!)

    7. Alternatively, you can export the report from the Time Clocking page > more options icon more-options-ellipses.png > choose to export via Excel or CSV format.

    8. To print the report:

      File Format Steps to Print
      Web (view)

      Use your browser's print function: Ctrl+P (Windows) or CMD+P (Mac).

      Excel (download)

      Open the Excel file, and press Ctrl+P (Windows) or CMD+P (Mac).

      CSV (download)

      Open the CSV file, and press Ctrl+P (Windows) or CMD+P (Mac).

      ⚠️ Printing steps may vary depending on the program you are using.

    9. Included in the report:
        • Employee ID
        • Employee
        • Date
        • Shift Time
        • Location
        • Role
        • Wage
        • Hour totals
        • Pay totals
        • Tips Collected (if 'Tips Included' has been selected)
        • Tip Pooling (if 'Tips Included' has been selected)
        • Tip Earnings (if 'Tips Included' has been selected)
⚠️ If employees punch in/out through 7punches, only their approved punches will be included in this report. In other words, the report will appear blank if you have unapproved punches on your Time Clocking page.

⚠️ If enabled in the Company Settings, you will be able to see Overtime and Holiday hour totals, as well as breaks.

⚠️ If Double Overtime is enabled under your Overtime Settings, Double Overtime will be included under the same section as regular Overtime in this report, under the Overtime column.
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