You can organize your teams into separate time categories for further customization when it comes to Scheduling in 7shifts. By using Dayparts, you can create custom categories under your Locations, such as AM / PM or Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner. If using the Tip Pool feature, you can also include your Dayparts in your reporting.

Setting up your Dayparts
Scheduling with Dayparts
Using Dayparts With Tip Pooling
⚠️ The Dayparts feature is only available on the Works plan or higher. 

Setting up your Dayparts

1. As an Admin, head to the 7shifts logo > Locations / Departments / Roles and click on a Location to open its settings.

2. Under the 'Hours of Operation' tab, click on '+ Add Daypart.'

3. Enter the name and start / end times of your Daypart. You can also select if this window of time applies to specific days or every day of the week.

If the time of day changes for this Daypart throughout the week, click on 'Add times for remaining days'. The varying hours for every weekday will still fall under the same Daypart. 

Example: If your Brunch hours are longer on the weekends, you can enter those extended hours for Saturday and Sunday, specifically.  

4. Click on 'OK' when finished and you should see your new Daypart listed below. 

5. Click on the 'Pencil' icon to edit or the 'More' icon to delete any of your existing Dayparts. To create more Dayparts for this Location, click on '+ Add Daypart' and follow the previous steps.

❗️Ensure your Dayparts are set to catch all punches that fall within your given day. Any punches outside the Dayparts will not be included in labor calculations and reporting.
⚠️You may see an error message if one Daypart overlaps with another. If this is the case, simply edit one of these Dayparts to correct the issue. You will be unable to save your Location's settings until you do.

6. Be sure to click 'Save' at the very bottom of your Location's settings before moving on.

You can follow these same steps to set up any Dayparts that you require for the rest of the Locations in your account.

Scheduling with Dayparts

You can manage store performance by using your custom Dayparts to schedule staff appropriately.

1. Under the Day view on the Schedules page, you can see the Dayparts you have created for your Location. You'll also see a shift counter for how many shifts are scheduled within these different Dayparts.

2. You can filter your schedule's view by Daypart by clicking on the dropdown shown below and selecting the Daypart you wish to view.

Using Dayparts With Tip Pooling

Once you have created your Dayparts, you'll be able to select any of the Dayparts you have created when setting up or editing your Tip Pool.

Click here for more information on how to set up and include Dayparts in your Tip Pool report. 
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