Paylocity Payroll Export

If you are using 7punches for time-clocking, or have a POS integration that includes labor, you can export your worked hours in a Paylocity-ready format.

⚠️ This feature is only available on the Works plan or higher.
⚠️ To access the export you must be using 7punches or have a POS integration that includes labor data.

Activating the Paylocity Export

To enable the export, you'll need to do the following:

1. Hover over the more menu ' ☰ ' > Integrations > click on 'Add Integration.'

2. Search and select Paylocity, then click 'Connect.'

3. Once you have added your integration into your account, you will need to enable and customize some of the individual features of the integration. 

Hover over to the more menu ' ☰ ' > Integrations to find these settings.

4. Then go to My Integrations > Paylocity > Settings.

5. Enter your additional Custom Export Codes, if applicable.

6. Choose whether to 'Split Hours by Role' under the 'Payroll Mapping' tab.  

⚠️ If this setting is enabled, Employee hours will be split into separate columns in the spreadsheet, but will not be associated with your payroll provider’s departments, pay codes, or wage codes. (However, this can be manually added to the spreadsheet before uploading to the payroll program.)

For more information please reach out to support at

7. Map your Employees between 7shifts and Paylocity by updating their Employee IDs or file numbers. This is required in order to match your Employees in 7shifts to their counterparts in Paylocity on the payroll export.

To get started, click on 'Edit Employee IDs.'

Enter the corresponding File Numbers for each Employee. 

Be sure to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page when you're done updating your employee File Numbers.

Preparing your Export File

Before you can run the Paylocity payroll export you'll need to ensure that you've properly approved all punches and closed your timesheet.

1. Click the Timeclocking tab at the top of the screen, then select the appropriate Pay Period.

2. From there, review and 'Approve' or 'Modify' any unapproved punches, or choose to 'Approve All.'

3. For multi-Location users, you can also choose to sort by Location and approve punches by Location.

4. Once you've approved all punches, you're ready to close the Timesheet.

To close it, select 'Close Timesheet' in the top right corner. 

⚠️ For multi-Location users, you can close and export Timesheets on a Location basis.

If you are using this method, be sure to select the correct Location in the 'Location' dropdown before selecting the 'Export' option.

5. With the Timesheet closed, you can export it by selecting 'Export' then 'Paylocity.'

6. You can now import your payroll data file into Paylocity.

⚠️ Contact your Paylocity representative if you have questions about this step.
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