Geofencing for 7punches

With Geofencing, you can have your employees punch in from their own mobile device while ensuring they're at their scheduled Location, keeping labor costs at bay.

Once enabled your employees will be unable to punch in unless they are within a set distance radius from your Location.

Setting up Geofencing in your account
Exempting your terminal from Geofencing
Employees' view with Geofencing
⚠️This feature is only available for those using 7punches
⚠️ Access may require an upgrade from your current plan.

Setting up Geofencing in your account

Here's how to get started with Geofencing:

1. Log in to your 7shifts account as the Administrator.

2. Head over to Time Clocking > Settings.

3. Under the 7punches settings, check the box for 'Geofencing.' 

⚠️Geofencing requires that the 'Mobile punch' setting is also enabled.

4. Then, click 'Set Geofence.'

5. Under the 'Address' field you will need to ensure that your restaurant's Location is accurate. If this information is inaccurate or missing, enter your Location's correct address.

6. Click or drag the slider to set the radius for how close employees will need to be to this Location in order to clock in.

⚠️The smallest distance radius / range that can be set from the Location is roughly 25m, while the largest distance is roughly 500m.

Please note that there may be a small margin of error where GSP signals can be distorted, such as in densely populated areas.

You can also drag and drop the location pin with your mouse to better target your Location. 

7. If you have multiple Locations, you will need to validate the address and set the distance allowance for each of them. Click on the Location names on the far left to toggle between each Location's settings.

8. Click 'Save' in the bottom right corner of the window when finished.

9. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of 7punches settings and click 'Save.'

⚠️Admins can always go back and update these Location distance settings, as needed, by heading to Time Clocking > Settings > Set Geofence.

Going forward, employees will be unable to punch in on their personal device if they are still outside the distance limits you have set for your Location. Once they are within the distance radius, they'll be able to access the 7punches punch pad to clock in.

Exempting your Terminal from Geofencing

After setting up your Geolocation limits, you might want to ensure that the punch pad terminal stationed within your restaurant is exempt from the Geofencing function. Devices where an Admin, Manager, or Assistant Manager already launched the 7punches app will automatically be set up as a Restaurant Terminal, so they will be exempted from Geofencing. 

However, if you need to change your terminal settings, here's how:

1. Tap the more menu in the top left corner of the 7punches punch pad.

2. Tap the arrow beside your Device Type selection to update it.

❗️Please note that the person who launched / authenticated 7punches on the device will be the only user who can change this setting. 

3. Next, you will need to enter your punch ID to verify.

4. From there, you can select either option and tap the arrow in the top left corner to confirm. 

Employees' view with Geofencing

⚠️Please note, employees will need the latest version of the 7punches app installed on their device to access this feature.
Here's a look at what employees will see from the 7punches app:

1. The next time they open 7punches on their mobile device, they'll see a permissions message above the punch pad. They will need to grant the app access to their device's location.

2. They'll need to tap 'Allow Once' or 'Allow While Using App.'

❗️While Geofencing is enabled, Employees will need to grant the 7punches app access to their precise location prior to them being able to punch in / out on their personal device. If they decline initially, they will be prompted again the next time they open the app.

They may need to enable these permissions within their device's settings. 

3. After they have granted the necessary location permissions, Employees will be able to see how far they are inside / outside of the Location range. They will only be able to access the punch pad once they are within the zone.

⚠️If an employee's device is offline but still has location services enabled, geofencing will still be able to validate that they are indeed within the acceptable range of distance and allow them to punch in / out.
⚠️For an additional layer of validity, you can also enable Buddy Punch Prevention for 7punches.

This prompts employees to take a quick snapshot of themselves when they can clock in or out for their shifts. This will help you verify that the employee who was scheduled is the same employee that had punched in.
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