Track Your Tip Payouts Activity

Welcome to the Payout Log, a handy report where you can conveniently review your 7shifts account activity for each Location. Gain the following insights into the transactions and details associated with your payouts.

⚠️ Managers/Assistant Managers require permissions: Can run reports, Can invite payees, Can process payouts.
Pro Tip! When encountering inaccuracies in your reported tip information, the issue is often related to the configuration of your Tips Calculation settings. To address this, review and modify your Tip Calculation settings to ensure your formula is calculated according to your preferences.

To head to your Payout Log: 

    1. Login in as an Admin or Manager with permissions.
    3. In the left navigation bar, select  Tip Management >Tip Payouts > the Payout Log tab. 

Here are the Tip Payout details available for you to review:

    • Available & Pending Funds. Hover over the pending icon to reveal your next processing date:

    • Processing Tip Payouts. This includes process date, total amount, and status of the payout (processings).

    • Click into a Tip Payout to reveal more details. This includes payout type (automatic or manual), the corresponding pay period, the user who processed the tip payout, and employee payment details:

      Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 9.16.59 AM.png

    • Click View pending and past activity to expand more details about all your transactions:

Your Dashboard in Reports

When you're ready to review this information, you can navigate to your integrated payroll export, your Tip Payouts Report, or your Worked Hours and Wages Report.

Check out our FAQs section for more information about Tip Payouts!

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