How do I change my pay period/payroll frequency?

You can follow the steps in this article if you need to change your pay period's frequency. For example, if you need to switch from a weekly frequency to a biweekly frequency.

Rest assured, that making the following changes will not overwrite previous punches.

To change the frequency of your pay period dates:

  • Disable 7punches: Hover over your profile icon (or, select Setting in the left navigation bar) > select Add-ons > 7punches > the more options icon > Disable:

  • Re-enable 7punches: Click on Enable 7punches > in the left navigation bar, select Time Clocking  > click on Start Time Clocking > follow the on-screen prompts to set the Pay Periods:

    Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 9.37.33 AM.png

Once complete, the updates will only apply to the new pay period moving forward. In other words, any changes made will not apply retroactively.

If you would like to adjust the existing pay periods to match the new frequency, you can do so by editing your pay period dates:

  • Go to Time Clocking > Click on the more options more-options-ellipses.png icon next to the pay period you need to edit the dates for > select Edit this Pay Period's dates > choose your new start/end dates for your pay period > click OK:



You can think of your pay periods as folders. The date ranges that are visible will include all the punches within that specific timeframe. Once you edit the pay period dates for one date range, the following pay period dates will adjust automatically.

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