Why are my pay period dates incorrect?

What is most likely happening is that a user (with permission to manage pay periods) is editing the dates – not knowing that doing this changes the pay periods for the entire Account.

You may find it helpful to send a message to your Management team so that they're aware of this - and not to change the date ranges.

Rest assured, that making the following changes will not overwrite previous punches. All data that existed in Time Clocking before will remain.

To edit your pay period dates: 

Go to Time Clocking > Click on the more options more-options-ellipses.png icon next to the pay period you need to edit the dates for > select Edit this Pay Period's dates > choose your new start/end dates for your pay period > click OK:


You can think of your pay periods as folders. The date ranges that are visible will include all the punches within that specific timeframe. Once you edit the pay period dates for one date range, the following pay period dates will adjust automatically.

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