Easily manage your team’s performance in one place! With Employee Performance Insights and Performance Log, you can increase information sharing, make informed decisions about performance-related actions, and ensure your employees get the support they need to succeed at work.

⚠️ Prerequisites
⚠️ Access to the Employee Performance Insights and Performance Log may require an upgrade from your existing plan.

⚠️ Managers/Assistant Managers require permissions: Can edit employees, Can manage Performance Log and view Performance Insights.

⚠️ Only Admins and Managers/Assistant Managers (with permissions) can view Performance Logs.

⚠️ Employee Performance Insights and Performance Log is only available on the web app.

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Employee Performance Insights

Performance Log

Performance Logs in the Manager Log Book

Employee Performance Insights

Employee Performance Insights make it easy for managers to keep track of an Employee's workplace satisfaction and tackle any individual concerns as they come up.

Located directly within an Employee's user profile, Employee Performance Insights includes an Employee's performance stats and data from Shift Feedback. Easily see your specific employee's average shift feedback score and submitted shift feedback.

⚠️ In order to view Shift Feedback within Employee Performance Insights, an Admin must enable it within the Location's settings. To do this, click here.

Use the filters to narrow down the Employee Performance Insights results by Location, and date range (by the past 30, 60 or 90 days):

Click on View shift feedback to reveal all their submitted feedback (for the date range and Location, set by the filters above):

Performance Log

Performance Logs are an effective way for managers to keep track of their employee's performance history. Employees' accomplishments and areas of improvement are centralized in one place, helping managers save time when preparing for their one-on-ones. The Performance Log makes it easy for managers (especially new ones!) to get to know and understand their team quickly.

Add a Performance Log Note:

  1. In the left navigation bar, head to Team.

  2. Search for an employee and click on their name to expand their user profile.

  3. Select Performance in the left-hand menu.

  4. In the Performance Log section, begin typing your note :

  5. Click on the paperclip icon Screenshot to attach a file. 
    • Attach one file per Performance Log note.
    • The supported file types are PDF, PNG, JPEG, DOCS and XLSX.
    • The maximum size for each file is 2MB.
    • Managers with permissions can access uploaded files here or within the Documents tab.

  6. Click Add note, to publish your notes.

  7. To review all Performance Log notes, head to the History section. Each note will include the user who added the note and a timestamp of when the note was created:


Performance Logs in the Manager Log Book

Performance Log notes entered from the Manager Log Book will also add the entry to the Employee's user profile.


⚠️ Please note that this is a one-way sync. Entering a Log note from a user's profile > Performance tab will not surface the note in the Manager Logbook.

⚠️ Managers/AssistantManagers require permission Can manage performance log and view performance insights, and access to the Location.

⚠️ Entries created in the Manager Log Book are visible to all Admins and Managers.

⚠️ Employee Performance Log Notes cannot be deleted.

⚠️ Entries can only be added for the present day and will remain visible for past days.

Use the tabs below to add an entry from the web or mobile app:

Web Mobile
    1. Navigate to Log Book in the left navigation bar.
    3. In the Employee Performance Log category, use the dropdown menu to select an Employee you'd like to add an entry for. Managers will be able to choose from a list of those assigned to their shared Location/Department:

    4.  Add your feedback and hit Submit:

    5. Once the entry is created, users with access to the Manager Log Book can click on the Employee's name to head directly to their user profile:

      mceclip5 (5).png

      ⚠️ Managers with permissions (Can manage performance log and view performance insights) and who are assigned to the same Location/Department as the Employee will be taken directly to the Performance tab within their user profile.

      ⚠️ Managers who are not assigned to the same Location as the Employee will be taken to their user profile.

To edit the Employee Performance Log category:

  1. Login as an Admin.

  2. In the left navigation bar, head to Log Book > Categories > select the pencil icon Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 9.54.21 PM.pngnext Employee Performance Log > enter a new Name > click Save.

    Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 1.49.16 PM.png

To delete the Employee Performance Log category:

  1. Login as an Admin.

  2. In the left navigation bar, head to Log Book > Categories > select the delete icon next Employee Performance Log :
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