Credit Card Tip Withholding


Reclaim a percentage of credit card tips to cover payment processing fees! By setting an amount to be withheld, this will automatically subtract a percentage of credit card tips:

  • at the Location-based Level
  • before the tips get contributed to your tip pool
⚠️ Prerequisites

⚠️ This feature is available for:

    • users with automatic tip pool contributions (i.e. Tip Pool-supported POS, that tracks credit card tips like Toast, TouchBistro, or Square)
    • users that have % of Tips Contribution tip pools
    • non-credit card tip amounts are not withheld

⚠️ This feature is not available for auto-gratuities.

⚠️ This feature is not available for users using manual tip pool contributions.

⚠️ Admins/ Managers/ Assistant Managers with permissions "Can create and edit tip pools" will be able to access this feature

How to Setup Credit Card Withholding

  1. Hover over the navigation bar > select Tip Management > Tip Pooling.


  2. Select Settings on the left-hand menu:


  3. Checkmark 'Credit card withholding' to enable it:

  4. Enter a percentage in the Percentage Withheld fields for the Location (if you have multiple Locations, you'll be able to enter a percentage for each Location):


  5. Click 'Save'to complete these changes.

To learn more about setting up your Tip Pools, click here!


Q: How can I view Credit Card Tip Withholding in my reports?

A: When you're ready to review this information, you can navigate to your Worked Hours and Wages Report, set your filters, enable 'Include Tips', and click 'Get Report':


For each Employee within the specified date range, Credit Card Tip Withholding amounts will appear in its own separate column, as 'CC Tips Withheld' (for both Detailed, and Summary report Layouts). Here's an example:

(click on the image to expand it!)

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