Managing and Editing Multiple Tip Pools

Save up to 8 hours per week managing your tip pool with custom contribution and distribution rules, automatic calculations, comprehensive reports, and payroll export options. To collect your tip data, there are two contribution methods:

POS Integration Contribution - Companies using Toast POS or TouchBistro POS will be able to automatically collect and divide tips and gratuities among employees.

Manual Contribution - If you do not use a supported POS or want to use tip data from a specific source, you can use this method to enter your daily tip data into 7shifts for redistribution among your employees.

You can set up multiple Tip Pools under the same Location. This article will walk you through the steps to create additional Tip Pools or update any of your existing Tip Pools. 

⚠️ By default, Managers/Assistant Managers will have access to manage or edit the Tip Pool settings. However, Admins can change this by enabling or disabling the Manager Permission 'Can create and edit tip pools.'

⚠️ Rule changes: the open pay period will be updated even if the rule changed halfway through the pay period, or, if a past pay period was opened after the rules had been changed.

⚠️ Deactivated employees: they are removed from the open pay period, or if a past pay period was opened after the employee had been deactivated. This will affect your report figures.

1. As an Admin, you can access your Tip Pool dashboard by clicking on Tip Management > Tip Pooling:

2. Click on the 'Manage' icon to Edit, Delete, or view the details for an existing Tip Pool. 

3. Simply click on 'Create Pool' to create an additional Tip Pool.

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