Employee Timesheet Report

The Employee Timesheet Report is a report that includes all hours worked over any time period, to provide employees with accurate timesheets for payroll, record-keeping, and tax purposes.

⚠️To access the Employee Timesheets you must be using 7punches or have a POS integration with Actual Labor enabled. 

1. Head to Reports > Employee Timesheet.

2. Select the Date Range and Employee options:

3. Your report will populate with the labor data for the Employee:
(click on the image to expand it)

The report will populate with the labor data for the specific Employee, including:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Role
  • Punch In
  • Punch Out
  • Breaks
  • Declared Tips *
  • Hour totals
  • Wage totals

* If Declared Tips are enabled within your Time Clocking settings, then you will be able to see this tip data included in the report

4. (optional) You can choose to download the report by clicking Export CSV.


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