Announcements for Admins & Managers

Announcements allow for one-way communication with Employees by sending a message blast to your staff. This is particularly useful for broadcasting important information at once, such as policy updates, company-wide announcements, reminders, or any other messages relevant to the team. It ensures that everyone receives the message simultaneously.


⚠️ Only Admins and Managers can send an announcement.

⚠️ Employees have read access only.

⚠️ Announcements are one-way, however, the email notification of the Announcement allows Employees to respond via email to the Admin or Manager who sent out the Announcement.

Send an Announcement

Send an announcement based on who is (or isn't) scheduled to work. Use the tabs to change your viewing preferences through the mobile or web app:

Mobile 📱 Web 🖥️
  1. Log in to the mobile app.

  2. Tap the chat bubble in the bottom navigation bar > tap + > New Announcement.

  3. Tap Add Recipients.

  4. Choose the type of scheduled recipients of the announcement. You can mix and match your Announcement recipients by adding multiple group options: based on their Schedule, or Location/Department/Role assignments.

  5. From the Message group based on the Schedule  option:

    Pro Tip!

    • If an Admin is set to 'Appear as employee' in their Account, and is NOT scheduled, they will be included in any 'Not Scheduled' Roster Talk chats/announcements.
    • You can mix and match your chat groups by adding multiple "schedules" options, other group types, or specific employees.
    • Employees scheduled 'Today' include anyone who has a published shift assigned within the Hours of Operations for the Location.
    • Only employees with published shifts will be included in the chat/announcement; unpublished shifts will not be recognized in the Roster Talk targets
    • 'Today' is considered a shift that falls within any Hours of Operation for the present day at the Location. Click Here for info on how to set or change your Hours of Operation. 
  6. To send an Announcement only based assignments, select from the Add Locations, Departments and Roles:

  7. Type your message > hit the paperplane icon to send it!

    ⚠️ It's only possible to attach one file on the mobile app. If you need to attach more than 1 file, head to the web app and attach up to 3 files.

    ⚠️ Attachments in Announcements will not appear in the email notification. Employees will need to view attachments through the mobile app

Announcement Recipients

Here is a breakdown of announcement recipients by user type:

  • Employees must be assigned to the Location/Department/Role that matches the announcement target 
  • Assistant Managers must be assigned to the Location/Department/Role which matches the announcement target
  • Managers
    • With Departments, must be assigned to the Location/Department which matches the announcement target. This includes the Department of any Roles targeted by the announcement.
    • Without Departments, must be assigned to the Location which matches the announcement target. 
  • Admins receive all announcements

Read Receipts

When an Announcement is sent, you can see how many of the recipients have viewed it in the bottom right corner:

620153e6be9f8 (1).png

Tap on this number to see the names of those who have viewed the Announcement, and the date/time of viewing:

620153e7216c7 (1).png

Tap on the Unread tab to see the names of those who have not yet viewed.

Tap on the chat icon next to a name to send a message as a reminder to one employee, or re-send the notification to all employees in the 'Unread' list using the button at the bottom

620153e77689c (1).png

Delete an Announcement

Once an announcement notification is sent via email, it is not able to be deleted/retracted. However, you can delete the announcement from appearing in the app.

Use the tabs to change your viewing preferences through the mobile or web app:

Mobile 📱 Web 🖥️
  1. Log in to the mobile app.
  3. Select the Messaging iconScreenshot 2024-03-18 at 12.14.24 PM.png in the bottom navigation bar > tap on an Announcement.

  4. Select the More options horizontal ellipses more options.png icon at the top right.

  5. Confirm by tapping Yes, delete.

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