Punch Audit Report

The Punch Audit Report allows you to view the history of modifications that have been made to Employee punches.

⚠️To access the 7punches Audit Report, you must use 7punches for your Employee time clocking and be on The Works plan or higher.
To run the report:

1. Go to Reports > Punch Audit.

2. Select the date range and choose to narrow down further by Location and a specific Employee, if desired.

Screen_Shot_2022-12-06_at_2.28.26_PM.png3. You can now see the history of changes made to any punches for the users in your query / search.

This includes:
  • Date
  • Clock In Time
  • Clock Out Time
  • Location
  • Department
  • Role
  • Hours Worked
  • Tips
  • Punch Editor
  • Punch Edit Time
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