Shift Pool Requests for Admins & Managers

The Shift Pool is a centralized place where Managers can handle shift change requests submitted by Employees or those at a lower user level type. Available on both the 7shifts web and mobile app, manage staff schedules by reviewing, approve, or delete them.

⚠️ Managers/Assistant Managers will be able to approve shift trades/requests with permissions: can manage schedules, and can approve/decline shift pool requests.

Manage Shift Pool Requests

Here's how you can review, approve, or deny Employees' requests to pick up extra shifts. Use the tabs to change your viewing preferences through the mobile or web app:

Mobile 📱 Web 🖥️
  1. Tap on the More Menu ☰ button in the bottom right corner > Shift Pool:

  3. You can quickly find shifts that are being offered up/dropped by tapping on the Up for grabs tab:

  4. Head to the Requests tab to review shift trade requests or any bids to take shifts that have been dropped.  The bids will be in the order of the first / oldest bid at the top, with the most recent bid at the bottom:

  5. Tap on the trade request to review, approve, decline, and see if the trade will result in any potential overtime or labor exceptions. 

  6. Choose whether to Approve Trade or Decline trade:

  7. Once approved, both employees in the trade will receive a notification informing them of the change to their Schedule, and the Schedule will automatically reflect the changes. If denied, they will still be notified that their request was declined.

  8. Select who you want to assign the shift to, and tap on Assign.

  9. Once you've assigned the shift, both employees (the one who was giving away the shift, and the one you assigned the shift to) will receive a notification informing them of the change to their schedule.

    The Schedule will also update automatically to reflect which person is now scheduled for that shift.

    • For an Employee to be notified about their shift bid, a Manager must either approve or deny their request for that shift.
    • If other employees had made a bid for the shift, they would not be notified that the shift has been assigned to someone else. However, the shift will no longer be available to them in the Shift Pool. 
    • If a specific employee's bid was denied by a Manager, then they will receive a notification that their request was not approved.
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