Break Alerts

With 7punches, Admins can now set up 'Enforced' breaks to enable Break Alerts and ensure labor compliance.

When an employee reaches 75% of the minimum shift length (time required to receive the break), and has not clocked out for their 'Enforced' break, Admins / Managers who are on a scheduled shift will receive a mobile push alert to notify them that the 'Enforced' break has not been taken:

⚠️The Break Alerts feature may require an upgrade for your current plan.

⚠️If you have activated 'Enforced' breaks, this feature will be automatically enabled.
⚠️Managers will only receive alerts for Employees for the Departments they are assigned to, and if they are also scheduled to work that day.

⚠️Admins who have 'Appear as an employee' unchecked in the 'My Account' settings will automatically receive all break alerts, but can disable those alerts in their Notification settings.

Enabling Break Alerts 

To enable Break Alerts, you will first need to set up 'Enforced' breaks: 

1. Login as an Admin > head over to Time Clocking > Settings.



2. Check the box labelled Allow breaks.

From the 'Break type' dropdown select 'Custom / Enforceable.'

Selecting 'Custom / Enforceable' will also allow you to set some breaks as paid and others as unpaid.


4. Add a break by clicking '+ Add Break.'

Fill in the Break type, Break name, Break length, and Shift length. Ensure you choose 'Enforced' before clicking 'Save.' 

That's it! Break Alerts are now active.

Managing Notifications

You can enable or disable the notifications for Break Alerts by:

1. Hover over the navigation bar and select Settings > Notifications:

2. Head to the bottom and click on the toggle next to 'Break Alerts' to enable or disable the push alerts.

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