Shift Feedback Report

The Shift Feedback Report will allow you to filter and export your Shift Feedback replies for easy tracking and searching.

⚠️To access this report, you will need to have Shift Feedback enabled for each Location.

  1. Head to Reports > Shift Feedback.

  2. Use the filters to narrow down your results by date range, department, or role(s). Above your filters is where we'll let you know the average shift score, total responses and comments for the date range you have selected:  

  3. Your trend graph will display your average shift feedback score and your team's average shift score over the last 90 days. Change your trend graph views by choosing to see averages per day, week, or month:

  4. Here's how you can further narrow down and organize your results:
      • Click on the column headers to further sort your results.
      • Click on a user's name to be taken to their employee profile.

        Manager on Duty are users who are assigned Manager/Assistant Manager permissions, and are scheduled a shift.

  5. Hover over a data point to reveal more information about that time period's average shift score, the number of collected responses, and the number of negative shift scores:

  6. Click into the data point's information box to expand the Shift Feedback Snapshot:

  7. For the selected time period, the Shift Feedback Snapshot will further detail the number of responses and comments for each rating:

    Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.50.15 AM.png

  8. Click Export CSV to download the report onto your local device. 
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