What's the Difference between Managers and Assistant Managers?

Managers have broader permissions and responsibilities, including managing Assistant Managers while Assistant Managers have more limited permissions, typically focussed on managing Employees only. Additionally, Managers' permissions can only be changed by the Admins, whereas Assistant Manager's permissions can be modified by both Admins and Managers. 

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  • Can add/edit Assistant Managers and Employees.
  • Cannot add/edit Admins or other Managers.
  • Can grant Assistant Managers the same permissions they have.
  • Can only have their own permissions updated by an Admin

Assistant Manager:

  • Can only  add/edit Employees.
  • Cannot add/edit Admins, Managers, or other Assistant Managers.
  • Cannot grant permissions to others.
  • Can have their permissions updated by either an Admin or a Manager.


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