Is Tip Payouts secure?

Yes. Security at 7shifts is our number one priority. You can trust 7shifts to keep your information secure and your funds safe. We have placed limits around the maximum amount that can be transferred, to ensure your management team does not exceed certain payout limits. You'll also be able to control which team members have permission to send payments.

7shifts is also FDIC-insured and PCI Compliant, so you can feel confident knowing your deposits are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government."

As well, our team constantly assesses ways to enhance the protection and security of your data across all platforms, ensuring that the necessary measures are taken. Here is how we secure & protect your information:

    • Encryption. Data in transit is always encrypted and we meet or exceed industry best practices. All team members at 7shifts work on devices with encrypted storage.

    • Backups & Disaster Recovery. We maintain backups of all our systems which are distributed to multiple regions for your safety.

    • Data Residency. We leverage leading Cloud providers for infrastructure services. All our production and backup data is encrypted and resides in the US.

    • Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA that governs our data is based on leading public Cloud provider(s) capabilities. We have alerting and monitoring in place that dispatched on-call team members 24/7/365. You can view our systems at

    • Software Security. Our team works under a secure development methodology and utilizes static and dynamic application security testing. We also maintain the least privilege principles to protect your data.

    • Infrastructure Security. We leverage state-of-the-art security with the leading public Cloud provider(s) & regularly conduct vulnerability scans and penetration testing. We also patch and update our servers based on risk ranking the severity and impact you our services.

More information can be found in our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.

We also recommend that you enable 2-step Verification for an added layer of protection and security. Once enabled, we'll send a message to your trusted phone number whenever
a new payout batch is initiated, or a new float amount is set. If the person isn't you, we'll stop
them from taking either action. Click here to learn more!


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