ADP Run - How to Create a Temporary Login

This article aims to assist ADP RUN users connect multiple company codes to different 7shifts Accounts by creating secure and temporary logins.  Connecting one ADP company code to one 7shifts Account is crucial to prevent the risk of linking the wrong accounts. Follow these steps to get started on creating a secure login for your setup!

⚠️ To avoid any connection issues, it's essential to use unique email logins for the ADP user assigned to each Company Code, as it will be used for both ADP Run and your 7shifts Admin Account.

⚠️ If you don't already have a unique ADP email login for each company code, please reach out to ADP for assistance in creating one.

    1. Log in to ADP Run.
    3. Click into the company you need to integrate with 7shifts.

    4. Click on Company from the top menu > select Add Users:

    5. Add your name, and choose "Payroll Admin", "Company Admin", or "Client PR & EE Entry" as the user type. The email address you add will have to be a new email that is not being used:

    6. Once you fill this out, you'll be sent a registration email to the email you entered. Click on the link in the email and follow the instructions to continue creating the unique USER ID.

      It will also ask you for a phone number and this will also need to be different from what you're using for your original ADP RUN account. You'll need access to this phone number as it will receive a text.

    7. The registration steps will ask you to create a username and password. Please make note of the username and password to keep it safe!

    8. The registration steps will ask for security questions. Please make note of your answers and keep them safe!

    9. Once your new User ID is created, stay logged into your ADP Run account with the new User ID.

    10. Head back to your 7shifts Account.

    11. Follow these steps to integrate the correct location with ADP RUN.

      If you're prompted to, make sure to log in to ADP Marketplace with your newly created username and password.
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