7shifts Benefit Marketplace

Welcome to the Benefits Marketplace! This is a way for you to discover any benefit providers that we integrate with so you can extend benefits to your team. 


⚠️ Available on the web app for Accounts using 7shifts Payroll.

⚠️ At this time, we support SimplyInsured and Next Insurance.

⚠️ 7shifts exclusively manages payroll deductions and is not a benefit provider.  Regrettably, we're unable to offer assistance or recommendations about the Benefits Marketplace as our expertise is dedicated to payroll services. For any inquiries related to benefits or providers, we recommend seeking external advice.

  1. Login as an Admin.
  3. Head to Payroll > Benefits.

  4. Select Get quote to begin the integration process with the benefit provider.

  5. When you choose to connect with a broker, you are approving our payroll processing partner (Check Technologies) to forward your payroll information for further calculations in their system. 7shifts does not include it as part of payroll in 7shifts. Any questions regarding the integration, or reporting should be directed to your broker:

    SimplyInsured Support
    Next Support

  6. You'll see a green Completed status icon once your integration in the Benefits Marketplace is complete:

    Click Get quote > View to connect with your benefit provider and view your connected dashboard:

Review Benefit Packages

Once you have integrated with a benefit provider, you can review an Employee's benefit package within their profile. 

⚠️ It is expected behaviour that Admins cannot edit these benefits. They can only be managed by your benefit broker. Any changes made in their system will sync over to 7shifts.

  1. Login as an Admin.
  3. Head to Team > select an employee profile to expand their details.

  4. Select Benefits and deductions:

  5. Benefits types from your benefit provider are view-only, and cannot be edited in 7shifts. To do so, reach out to your benefits provider or make changes directly within their system.

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