Employment Records

Manage each Employee's details even further and simplify the record-keeping process. On the Employment page, assign Punch IDs and Employee IDs, set maximum weekly working hours, and track employment periods (from hire to termination).

To add your Employee's records:

  1. Login as an Admin, Manager or Assistant Manager with permissions.

    ⚠️ Managers and Assistant Managers require permission 'Can edit employees', and can only add hire/termination dates for those with whom they share the same Location and Department assignments.

  2. Head to Team > click on an Employee to expand their profile > select the Employment tab:

  3. When making changes, be sure to hit Save to complete these changes!

Punch ID & Employee ID

Punch ID - what employees will use to punch into 7punches with. Click here to learn more.

Employee ID - an internal employee ID or an ID asigned by your payroll provider that is used in your payroll export.

Max Weekly Hours

Set and monitor the maximum weekly working hours for your Employees to ensure compliance with labor regulations and promote a healthy work-life balance. Please note that this is not used for calculating overtime hours. Once the employee has reached their maximum weekly hours, we'll let your scheduling team know with a red indicator on the scheduling page:

For example: MJ has been scheduled for more hours than their max weekly hours (10 hours). MJ will not see this number on their end, it is only visible to Managers with scheduling permissions:
  (click on the image to expand it!)

Hire & Termination Dates

You can keep track of your employee's employment journey under the Employment History tab. This includes their hire to termination date, and the ability to deactivate their profile.

As you record this information, It is important to differentiate between termination and deactivation:

Deactivation - refers to the suspension of an employee's account access. Click here to learn more about deactivating a profile. Once deactivated:

  • They will be locked out of their 7shifts account.
  • They won't receive further notifications from 7shifts.
  • Their contact, past punches and published shifts will remain for record-keeping purposes.
  • They can be reactivated at anytime from the Inactive page.
  • They will be excluded from Tip Pools and Tip Pooling reporting. Click here to learn more about this.

Termination - refers to the permanent ending of an employee's employment journey.

  • No pay will be attributed to the Employee for payroll after the termination date.
  • The selected date will be used for 7shifts Payroll purposes, and will be sent to benefit brokers to end benefit coverage.


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