Can Employees update their payment method?

⚠️ Payment methods is only available for Accounts using 7shifts Payroll.

⚠️ Employees with a Pay Card set up from a previous configuration will be able to switch away from that option, but won't be able to save a new Pay Card configuration.

Yes. With 7shifts Payroll enabled, Employees can easily manage their own payment information, including their preferred payment method (i.e. Direct Deposit and Paper Check).

Click here to learn more about 7shifts Payroll for Employees.

Use the tabs below to switch between the web or mobile experience:

Web Mobile
  1. Login to the web app.

  2. Click on your profile icon at the top right (or, select Settings) > My Account.

  3. Select the Taxes and Payments tab:

  4. Enter your banking details.

  5. Click Save to complete these changes.


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