Paylocity Payroll Integration

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If you are using 7punches for time-clocking (or have a POS integration that includes Actual Labor), timesheet information is automatically exported into Paylocity after each pay period ends, allowing you to run payroll.

⚠️ Access to this integration may require an upgrade from your existing plan.

Enabling the Integration 

  1. Sign in to your Paylocity account and head to Marketplace.

  2. Search and select 7shifts.

  3. Use your 7shifts login credentials to complete the Oauth grant required for the integration. 

  4. Follow the prompts to grant access.
⚠️ For any further questions or assistance with connecting this integration, please contact Paylocity's support team at

Preparing your Payroll Data

Before you can sync payroll data to your Paylocity account, you'll need to ensure that you've properly mapped your 7shifts Employee ID and Punch IDs to match the employee's Paylocity Employee ID.

From there, you can approve all punches and close your Timesheet in 7shifts:

1. In the left navigation bar, select the 'Time Clocking' tab, and the appropriate Pay Period.

2. From there, review and 'Approve' or 'Edit' punches, or choose to 'Approve All.'

3. For multi-Location users, you can also choose to sort by Location and approve punches by Location.

4. Once you've approved all punches, you can close the Timesheet.

To close the Timesheet, select 'Close Timesheet' in the top right corner.

⚠️ For multi-Location users, you can close and export Timesheets on a Location basis.

If you are using this method, be sure to select the correct Location in the 'Location' dropdown before selecting the 'Export' option.

5. Once the Timesheet is closed at the end of each pay period, total hours will be sent to Paylocity and ready for payroll processing!

⚠️ For more information on how to proceed with processing payroll, please contact Paylocity's support team at .
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