7shifts Payroll: Additional Fees

In this article, you'll find a list of 7shifts Payroll rate card fees on a per-event basis.

Service Rate Card Fee
Amended tax returns (per return; first amendment for each Employer is complimentary)


Next-Day Pay $0.65 per Employee, per payroll
Printed & Mailed W2s $3 per W2
Invalid Employer EIN, including “Applied For” (per EIN, per month) $10 + $15 one-time re-collection fee
Failed Employee account validation or payment, including Notification of Change (per Employee) $25
Funding of payroll via wire by Employer (per wire) $25
Attempted reversal of payment to Employee, whether successful or not (per Employee) $75
Untimely tax filing where the delay is due to no fault of 7shifts (per filing) $125
Return fee for unsuccessful funds transfer from Employer, inclusive of wire fees (per return) $125
Tax returns filed for Employers no longer using the Services (per filing) $175
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