Edit POS Time Punches in 7shifts (3rd Party Punches)

Edit POS time punches directly in 7shifts, making 7shifts the definitive source of truth for your labor data. To better illustrate the functionality of this feature, let's compare how it operates when enabled versus when it's disabled.

How it works:

Without 3rd Party Punches enabled:

7shifts consistently retrieves data from your integrated POS. Any modifications, edits, or deletions made in the POS will eventually sync with 7shifts, thereby updating the labor data to match with the POS.

Please note that sync times vary depending on your integrated POS, and may require a backfill to be initiated from Support beyond those designated times.

With 3rd Party Punches enabled:

Any modifications, edits, or deletions made in the POS after the employee clocks out will not sync with 7shifts. In other words, once a punch is recorded and received in 7shifts from the POS, subsequent changes made in the POS will not be reflected in 7shifts, and the original punch data will be maintained without further updates.

Instead, make the necessary changes right in 7shifts!

⚠️ Prerequisites
⚠️ 3rd Party Punches may require an upgrade from your current plan.

⚠️ At this time, 3rd Party Punches does not support Lightspeed POS (L,U, K-series), and Heartland Restaurant POS.

⚠️ To use this feature the account must have:

  • Actual Labor enabled
  • POS punches enabled in Time Clocking Settings
⚠️ Admins will have full access to this feature, however, Managers and Assistant Managers will require the following permissions: Can manage time punches.
Enable/Disable 3rd Party Punches
Edit a POS Time Punch
Punch Audit Report
Frequently Asked Questions

Enable/Disable 3rd Party Punches

⚠️ Only Admins can access Time Clocking Settings and enable 3rd Party Punches.

⚠️ Once enabled, 3rd Party Punches applies for all Locations that use POS time punches.
  1. Login as an Admin, and head to the left navigation bar > Time Clocking Settings:

  3.  Navigate to section POS settings > enable Edit POS time punches in 7shifts:

  4. Be sure to hit Save at the bottom of the page!

To disable 3rd Party Punches, follow the same steps above but uncheck Edit POS time punches in 7shifts at step 2.

 ⚠️ By turning this setting off, you will no longer be able to edit POS punches in 7shifts. 7shifts will default back to reading changes made to punches from the POS as the source of truth. 

Edit a POS Time Punch

Now that 3rd Party Punch has been enabled, you can edit or delete your POS punches within 7shifts! 

⚠️ Managers/Assistant Managers require permission to access Time Clocking.
  1. Login as an Admin or a Manager/Assistant Manager with permissions.

  2.  In the left navigation bar, head to Time Clocking > select a Pay Period:

  3. Once on the pay period page use the pencil icon Screen_Shot_2022-10-28_at_9.54.21_PM.png to edit a punch. Click here to learn more.
    Or, use the trash can icon Screen_Shot_2022-11-24_at_2.47.45_PM.png to delete it completely.

    ⚠️ Please note: Deleting the punch in 7shifts does not delete the punch on your POS as well. You will need to delete the punch on your POS, otherwise, it may resurface upon the next sync.


Punch Audit Report

The Punch Audit Report allows you to view the history of modifications that have been made to Employee punches and from where it was originally sourced (for example, Toast POS). Here's an example of what a report will look like:




Q: What happens if I disable and turn off 3rd Party Punches?

A: When disabling 3rd Party Punches, you can expect the following two changes:

1. You will no longer be able to edit POS punches in 7shifts. 7shifts will default back to reading changes made to punches from the POS as the source of truth.

2. The Punch Audit Report will no longer reflect POS punches, however, you will have access to the historical changes to punches when the setting was previously enabled.

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