How To Generate an Access Token and Resource IDs in 7shifts

In the instances where you wish to connect 7shifts to an external application or integration, an Access Token will be required. To generate one, please follow these steps.

⚠️ Only Admins can create Access Tokens within the 7shifts account. Once created, only the Admin will be able to view it.

  1. Login as an Admin.

  2. Click on the 7shifts logo > select Company Settings > click Developer Tools.

  3. Once on the Developer Tools page, click on + Create Access Token:
  4. Create your access token name, and pick a technical contact from the dropdown menu:

  5. Click Create Access Token:

  6. Your access token has been added and is now ready for you to use!

    Use the Copy paperclip.png icon to use your token with the bearer authentication scheme. Send the token in the Authorization header when making requests as per the example below.


    More details on Access Tokens can be found in the Authentication section of our Reference guide.

  7. Use the More Options  Screen_Shot_2022-12-01_at_5.26.25_PM.png  icon to edit or delete the access token.


  8. In some instances, you may also need the 7shifts Company or Locations IDs for integration. This can be found in the Resource IDs tab:

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