Sync Schedule to Google Calendar or iCal

Here are the quick steps at getting your 7shifts Schedule synced with your external calendar.

Google Calendar
iCal - From a desktop
iCal - From the 7shifts mobile app
⚠️ With this sync, the Schedule data is being pulled by your calendar application or service. 7shifts does not push the Schedule data, but rather, your application (Google or iCal) is requesting this information from 7shifts. The frequency of this sync will depend on your calendar application, which may update between every 2 to 12 hours roughly.

Please refer to the 7shifts web app or the mobile app ( iOS / Android) directly for the most current information about your shifts.

Google Calendar

⚠️ Please note that due to limitations with the Google Calendar mobile app, calendar sync with Google cannot be enabled directly from the 7shifts mobile app. This feature needs to be set up within your Google account from a web browser or desktop.

After using this workaround and enabling this from a web browser, you'll be able to see your schedule on your google account. So your shifts will appear from both a web browser and the Google Calendar mobile app.

1. Sign in to your 7shifts account at

2. From there, go to or head to Schedules > the tool icon > Sync.


3. Here you will see the URL link you need to add to your Google Calendar, in order to pull in the shifts that are Scheduled within 7shifts. Copy the link under the 'Your scheduled shifts' heading.


4. Then, from your Google account, open your Google Calendar and head to the far left menu.

5. Next to 'Other calendars,' click on the ' + ' button.


6. Select 'From URL' and paste the link you copied earlier. 



7. After you click 'Add Calendar', you should now see your Schedule on your Google Calendar.

⚠️ To sync your iCal from your Google calendar, go to this link from your phone.

iCal - From a Desktop

1. From your 7shifts account, go to or Schedules > the tool icon > Sync.


2. Here you will see the URL link you need to add to your iCal, in order to pull in the shifts that are Scheduled within 7shifts. Copy this link.


3. Linked here are the specific iCal desktop instructions on how to sync using the link that you copied.

iCal - From the 7shifts mobile app

1. In the 7shifts app, tap the 'More' menu icon in the bottom right corner and select 'Calendar Sync.'


2. Tap to select the calendar that you wish to sync.


⚠️ Only Admins or Managers will be able to select 'All scheduled shifts.'

3. Tap 'OK.'


4. From there you can tap 'Done' or tap on 'Events' to be redirected to your iCal app. 


There you have it! Your Schedule should now be pulled into your mobile calendar.


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