Weather Forecast

When making the Schedule, you have to take a lot of things into consideration, one of them being the weather. A beautiful sunny day may require you to schedule a different number of employees than if it's a cold, rainy day.

7shifts will pull in the weather forecast for your city to help ensure you're scheduling more accurately.

⚠️ This feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.

To set up the Weather Feature in your account

1. As an Admin, head to Settings > Company Settings > Locations / Departments / Roles and click on your Location. 

2. Enter your street address and click 'Save.'

3. Go to the Schedules page and you'll see the weather forecast is now being pulled in.

4. You will also see the weather forecast if you are using the Manager Logbook from the web app. Employees will see the forecast directly on their mobile dashboard.

⚠️ A few additional things to note:
  • The weather forecast for the following 16 days will be shown on the Schedule.
  • The forecast updates every 3 hours, with a variance of 1-2 degrees.
  • Currently, the forecast is only shown on the web app (not on the mobile app yet).
  • The forecast data currently pulled is the day's high temperature from OpenWeather.
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